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This article is about the cassieiswatching character. For other Franks, see Frank.
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Age 26 (deceased)
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Blogspot Frank was the first Frank to show within the Breeniverse and is more than likely the direct or indirect source and inspiration for all of the other "Franks". Frank was first alluded to by Cassie on her YouTube Channel page with the phrase "Frank is Waking". Eventually someone found a blog that had a lot of similarities with things that were transpiring in the Cassieiswatching story. Soon this Frank's blog comments were flooded with CiW followers. Many of these posters were exceptionally abusive and there was concern that if this really were some poor schizophrenic guy with a blog he could be pushed over the edge. These fears were alleviated when a code was found in the first letters of the lines of the blog.

On October 12, 2006, Frank allegedly died at his computer after he posted a series of cryptic and angry messages on his blog.

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