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This article is about the parody of Cassieiswatching. For other Zoeys, see Zoey (disambiguation).

First Appearance
Last Appearance
This Is OUR Space Now
When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar
Person information
Age Unknown
YouTube zoeyiswatching

Zoeyiswatching is the Cassie-esque spinoff of Redearth88. Like Cassieiswatching, "she" has posted a video in a location seen in the parent series. Zoey is based off of Rachel's former roommate Zoey, whom she infrequently mentions but is never seen.

Come on, you KNOW you like applesauce

Her first video, entitled "This Is OUR Space Now" (January 1, 2008), shows the tunnel showed in the lofisyndicate video "Worth The Wait?" The Song "How Soon Is Now" by Love Spit Love is played in reverse as the camera goes down the tunnel.

Her second video, entitled "When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar" (January 4, 2008) is a reference to Zoey's somewhat insane love of applesauce (It is notable that this video was posted before Rachel revealed this information). Rachel has since admitted that she does like applesauce, but doesn't love it.

In the tags of her second video, Zoey puts "lgpedia", making a reference to LGPedia Administrator Zoey, whom the Redearth88 character is loosely based off of.