Gemma's parents

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Gemma's parents
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Gemma's parents (her mother, specifically) was first mentioned in Gemma's video, Living In London.

Connections to Bree's mom

Gemma's mother first met Bree's mom at university in Edinburgh. They took a basic philosophy class together. At one point, the atheist philosopher David Hume came up, whose views invoked a very heated reaction from Bree's mom. She said that any bloke whose business it was to thwart the rights of an individual should be put down to a dog. After the class, Gemma's mother complimented Bree's mom on her brazenness and Bree's mom complimented Gemma's mom on her frock. They were friends from then on. Gemma lets Bree know that her mother still deeply respects Bree's mom.

Gemma's relationships

Gemma's parents strongly objected to her feelings for a boy named Sam, because he did not follow their religious beliefs. Gemma's family used the petrol station owned by Sam's family for a long time, however, once they found out about Gemma's crush, they used a different petrol station.

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