Germ Warfare Attack

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Episode 369/2x113
Germ Warfare Attack

This should make Emma trait apple juice.

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted December 7th, 2007
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Length 2:27
Description That Dr. Hart is whack.
Location(s) Verdus Pharmaceuticals, The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast daniel jonastko jonas lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Supervising Producer(s) Mary Feuer
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Justin Thompson
Vidplay Jonathan Robert Kaplan
Story Mary Feuer, Jan Libby, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music Aquarium by Nosaj
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Jonas Jackson Davis
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Dr. Calvin Hart Sean Vincent Biggins
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Germ Warfare Attack is the three-hundred sixty-ninth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred thirteenth video of season two.


(Daniel is sitting behind the wheel of a car.)

Daniel: So that there (points as camera focus shifts to a large glass-walled office building nearby) is the Verdus Pharmaceuticals lab, which Dr. Hart and Jonas snuck into to run some tests on Emma. And, uh, (camera moves back to Daniel and he points to himself) this here is the designated getaway driver. Seems that Dr. Hart--who's a total kook, by the way-- wasn't too impressed with the lab facilities at our house. So his brilliant solution? Sneak into the one place we've been trying to keep Emma away from, and use theirs. I guess he's got this lab assistant who's helping us out on the inside.

(Musical interlude as Daniel sets the camera down at arm's length, stops talking, and looks down.)

Daniel: If you think I'm gonna talk about Mallory, (fiercely) I'm not. I'm not. I-- have nothing to say right now. I'm-- what's that psychobabble?-- processing, so screw that! I was just-- hold on one second. (Gets phone out of his pocket, looks at it; cut to shot of him holding phone to his ear, looking through windshield and whispering unintelligibly to himself.)

Daniel: (whispering) Come on. (pounds on car door while looking impatiently out car windshield; meanwhile phone, speaker on, rings on the other end) (cut to shot of him talking into phone) Jonas! Can you hear me?

Jonas: (on phone, much static) Nope... yeah, I can hear you, go.

Daniel: Hey, Hart's lab assistant guy just ran into the building with a bunch of security guards! It's a setup, man!

Jonas: (on phone) Shit! Shit, hold on, wait.

Daniel: W-wait? No, J-- !

Jonas: Listen, Doc Hart says that's the only way out of the building, okay?

Daniel: No, you've gotta leave now!

Jonas: No-- listen, he's not done yet.

Daniel: Whaddya mean he-- yes, he is! They're gonna be up there any minute! Hurry up!

Jonas: Daniel, listen. Doc Hart said they're not gonna come up here, okay? That's not what's going on.

Daniel: (talking over Jonas) Jonas, did you ever think that maybe your doctor's still working for them? Come on, man!

Dr. Hart: (breaks into conversation) Daniel?

Jonas: Wait, one--

Dr. Hart: Daniel, this is Dr. Hart. I will be done in an hour. Maybe two.

Daniel: (interrupting) Well, how are you supposed to get by them?

Dr. Hart: (ignoring the interruption) Get off the phone, sit, and wait.

Daniel: Hey-- ! (Dr. Hart hangs up on him.)

(Music begins again, over shots of Daniel waiting and fidgeting. Finally, he gets out of the car and leans against it, looking around. Suddenly Dr. Hart, Jonas, and Emma appear, running toward the car)

Daniel: What the hell? (opens back seat door) Hey, man, thanks for coming to see me.

Jonas: It's-- it's all right, man, just-- (gets in back seat of car)

Daniel: You-- what is that?

Jonas: It's Ebola, all right? He's got Ebola in a vial! (Dr. Hart and Emma get in the back seat behind Daniel)

Daniel: (loudly, almost screaming) Are you crazy? Get that out of the car, man!

Dr. Hart: Calm down and drive!

Jonas: Go.

Daniel: What?

Jonas: Just go!

Dr. Hart: Drive!

Jonas: Go go go go go go go!

(Daniel starts the car and backs up.)

(Scene change to living room of their house. Daniel is in front of the camera, while Dr. Hart and Emma, who is wrapped in a blanket, are on the couch, talking. Jonas brings her a plate of food while Daniel speaks.)

Daniel: (whispers dramatically) Ebola! (He screws the cap off a long glass test tube filled with a clear amber fluid, sniffs it, and then drinks a bit of it. He clutches his throat, coughs, gags, and pretends to pass out. He then sits up and smiles.) Or apple juice. (looks over his shoulder, smiling, at Dr. Hart) Like I said, he's a total kook.

Dr. Hart: Daniel, I'm not deaf, you know.

Daniel: (laughing) Yeah.


  • Despite Daniel's expertise in Breaking and Entering, he is the only character in the video that does not break in.