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Ted McKinley
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First Appearance Last Appearance
What's Going on? Am I A Criminal?
Character information
Age 35
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Stephen Anthony

Videos with Ted McKinley

Theodore McKinley is Vice-President of Biotherapeutics at Verdus Pharmaceuticals. He first appeared at the press conference filmed in What's Going on? (Oct. 19, 2007), where he helped announce a joint initiative between his company, the Wyman Foundation, and the Hymn of One. Ted next appeared in Evil Drug Company Exposed! (Nov. 28, 2007), where we learn that Ted has not been letting pesky things like research ethics get in the way of Verdus's experiments on young trait positive girls.

In Looking For A Date (Jan. 11, 2008), Ted's profile at match.com is discovered by Sarah, and the password was found on the forum by cittiecait. It was pinotnoir1962. Ted shut down the profile after members of the forum began changing information on his profile, but not before Daniel and Sarah could make use of the information that was already up there. On his private profile, they find a picture of him in front of his local Starbucks. They successfully locate his apartment, and Daniel puts on a ski mask and prepares to "B&E". Sarah scoffs at him for thinking he could break into someone's house in the middle of the day in a ski mask, and suggest that she use "T&A" in order to get what they need. While in the apartment, Sarah is surprised by Ted returning home. Ted is immediately suspicious as to why she is there, but doesn't recognize her, and Sarah tells him that "Sniffles" ran into his apartment and she was searching for him. Ted buys her story and the two of them look for Sniffles, while Daniel searches the apartment himself and Ted flirts with Sarah. Ted soon discovers Daniel in the apartment, however, and the duo make a break for it and get away with the documents they were looking for.

A few months later, Verdus Pharmaceuticals filed a lawsuit against a former division of the company, LifesBlood LLC, accusing them of copyright infringement and corporate espionage. Ted was quoted in the article as saying in regards to Dr. Leonard J. Alderman, the head of Lifesblood: "It deeply saddens me a respected colleague such as Len would stoop so low as to make off with our combined efforts...What Alderman and his staff fail to realize is that what we do here at Verdus – what we’ve always done – has nothing to do with money. It is about enriching and expanding the lives of people across the world."

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