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*Gina is good at carpentry. In the video “[[Playing With Wood]]”, Gina built a fine bench by hand.
*Gina is good at wood-working. In the video “[[Playing With Wood]]”, Gina built a fine bench by hand.

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First Appearance Last Appearance
Who's that girl? Playing With Wood
Character information
Age 0
Date of Birth Sometime between October 26th, 1986 and March 6th, 1987
Portrayed by Crystal Young

Videos with Gina

Yevgeny "Gina" (also known as Patient #11) is a trait positive girl and older sister to Bree. She was born in Siberian Russia, near Lake Baikal. She and Bree were bought from their mother by Dr. William Porter

The Hart Study

Gina was first seen on VHS tapes left for Jonas outside of his motel room. She was in isolation in a hospital, where she was being treated by Dr. Calvin Hart. Though she was not one of the gentically-altered trait positive girls that Dr. Hart was trying to keep alive, she was the control for the Hart Study.

Even thought it was revealed that Dr. Hart wasn't telling the full truth, its still clear that Gina was once afflicted with an ailment that caused her difficulty to breathe. She often had coughing fits, and once even stopped breathing altogether. To help with the situation, Dr. Hart gave her a green pill, which helped slightly, although side effects did include diarrhea, chills and vomiting. In Shocking Discovery, Gina seemed to have developed a rash on her upper back, similar to the one Emma got in Eat Pie.

Her Rescue

While Dr. Hart claimed that Gina died at the age of fifteen, it was revealed in the episode KIDNAPPED! that Gina is very much alive, shown getting out of Lucy's car and running toward Dr. Hart. She had been, in fact, held captive by Dr. William Porter. An Elder of the Order, Dr. Porter had every intention to use Gina in an upcoming Ceremony, unless Dr. Hart could provide another trait positive girl. His study was a failure, as he was unable to produce a genetically-altered trait positive girl. This compelled him to make a deal with the Order: Emma's life for Gina's.

When Daniel came to save Emma from Dr. William Porter's abandoned hospital, Daniel took Gina instead of Emma, having heard from Dr. Hart that he was not going to go through with the Ceremony, and would instead sacrifice himself to save Emma.

Safe from the Order (for now), Gina is currently with the TAAG.


In the seven year old VHS tapes, it was clear that Gina enjoyed music, and was often heard to hum. She had a particular interest for the song "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, and became very excited when she heard she was going to be able to sneak out of the hospital and go to a Billy Joel and Elton John concert. It remains unclear whether or not Gina was able to go to that concert.

After meeting Jonas, Dr. Hart also expressed that for the first 13 years of her life, Gina was very happy and strong, but by the (apparent) end, she got tired of being "locked up like a lab rat."


  • Gina is good at wood-working. In the video “Playing With Wood”, Gina built a fine bench by hand.


Though it's the masculine form of the name, Dr. Hart revealed in his last video that Gina's original name was once Yevgeny. (The feminine form is Yevgeniya). In either case, the name is a Russian form of the name Eugene/Eugenia. This name comes from the Greek roots for "well born." [1] (A suitable name for a trait positive girl.)

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