Gnome Mule

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Gnome Mule
First Appearance Last Appearance
Waterloo Bridge - 6pm 21st November You're Almost There!
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Elizabeth Day

Videos with Gnome Mule

When Lee, dressed as a traffic warden, saw that Gavin and Tariq had come early to pick up their gnome, Lee panicked and asked a lady who was sitting on a bench if she would become his Gnome Mule and deliver the gnome to Tariq and Gavin on his behalf. The woman was confused as to why he couldn't give them the gnome himself, but Lee explained that he was a "traffic warden" and couldn't leave the area. After assuring the Gnome Mule that Tariq and Gavin were his friends, she agreed to go up to Waterloo Bridge and deliver the gnome.

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