Happy Holidays LG15 - NBR 8

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Episode 8/1x008
Happy Holidays LG15 - NBR 8

I like orange slurpees!

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted December 23rd, 2006
URL youtube.com
Length 3:04
Description I shot this video last night & edited it today before Bree's latest video. I had to make a slight edit...see if you can guess what it was. Happy Holidays!
Location(s) The coffee shop, The bookstore
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport lonelygirl15 danielbeast bree santa enochian
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Happy Holidays LG15 - NBR 8 is the eighth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki appears to be at a coffee shop. A busy street can be seen behind her through the window.)

Nikki: Hey guys, Nikki B. here. What a day I've had. I have been schleppin' all over town. I've been down to the beach. I've been in downtown L.A. I've been here, there, and everywhere and now I'm back in the valley, and you know why I've been schleppin'? I've been trying to find the warehouse. No luck. And I didn't get any confidential e-mail this week to lead me to any clues or any places, so I was stuck! It seems that Daniel covered his tracks pretty well. Daniel, if you are out there, please contact me. You can trust me. Alright guys, it's that time for the part of our show where it's good news, bad news. Let's start with the good news. We have to thank Daniel; now we know thanks to him that the Order has been injecting Bree with EPOGEN. I wanna commend all you people at lonelygirl15.com on the forum who've done amazing research about what this drug is and what it's used for. Now, if you want to learn more about it go over there 'cause I don't deal with meds. In that...way. Alright, so now it's time for the bad news. (Nikki whines, and runs a finger down the side of her face) Tear. So my producers are sending me to an "undisclosed location". Now, I don't wanna compromise the investigation we have going on here, so I'll definitely still be in the chat rooms and on the forum. I probably won't get a video up until after the new year. I know. Tragic. (Nikki is suddenly wearing a festive Santa hat.) So before we sign off, I just wanted to spread a little holiday cheer. Merry Christmas everyone, happy Hannukah, merry Kwanzaa, happy Festivus with the rest of us, and all that good stuff rolled into one.

(Cut to Nikki standing in a bookstore.)

Nikki: So real quick guys? This is Nikki's picks for last-minute holiday gifts. Now, if you don't know what to get that special someone, here's some ideas. First of all, we have a book called (Nikki holds up a book) "Stuff on my cat". Yeah, like stuff on a cat! For example, er (Nikki adopts a Yiddish accent and opens the book to a cat in Jewish garb) we get the lovely holiday Jewish cat. Um, baruch ata adonai... Jewish cat. If that doesn't do it for you, this maybe will. (Nikki holds up the next book and adopts a Texan accent.) It's called "Kinky Friedman: The Christmas Pig". Hmm. Don't even want to go there. And last but not least, if those don't work, this one surely will, uh, bring a smile to your face. (Nikki holds up the next book.) It's called "Caramel Flava". Mmm-hmm. That caramel flava deep down inside you. Preeow.

(Cut to Nikki in the coffee shop again.)

Nikki: Well, I had a little time on my hands the other day so to speak, um... So, Bree if you're watching, I made you this card. (Nikki holds up a card with a Christmas tree, a snowman, a menorah, and some words in Enochian.) It says "Happy Holidays, Bree," in Enochian. Um, I did my research. Um, and I have a little private message inside, but I don't know where to send it so... you know, if you're watching and you-you want a little message for me, uh, let me know where to find you. And last but not least, I have this little note for you, Jonas. (Holds up another card adorned with a lipstick kiss.) That's right, it's sealed... with a kiss. And, uh, you know, if you have got time in your busy schedule of handstands and boxing and golfing and all that stuff that you do, er... (Nikki puts her hand by her head, miming a phone, and whispers) Call me! Call me! (Regular voice) Happy holidays, everyone, and happy new year, and Nikki will see you in 2007. (Nikki blows a kiss.)

(Cut to a black screen with the words "CU SOON! HAPPY HOLIDAYS")


  • The inclusion of the phrase "CU SOON!" was one of the last and most substantial clues about Nikki B's canonicity, as this was the answer to the second part of the Bree Phone Home puzzle from Mystery Movies, which had only been posted a few hours earlier.

Nikki films her picks for last-minute holiday gifts in a Borders bookstore.