Investigating Gemma - NBR 7

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Episode 7/1x007
Investigating Gemma - NBR 7

Let's see... Gemma Chen? Gemma Sanchez? Those are British names, right?

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted December 18th, 2006
Length 2:40
Description I got an anonymous tip that led me to Gemma's house.
Location(s) Gemma's flat
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport gemmers19 lonelygirl15 tachyon stakeout
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Gemma Jackie Jandrell
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Investigating Gemma - NBR 7 is the seventh video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki is standing by a tree, wearing sunglasses. She takes them off.)

Nikki: It's me! Nikki B.! I'm sleuthing! (Puts sunglasses back on.) I'm being undercover because there is a lot to investigate this week. The forum is bustling... lots going on... particularly about Gemma. Who is this Gemma person? Apparently, now she's working for the Order. Megawoman and Inigo have called upon (points at herself) yours truly to find out where Gemma resides. (Sunglasses back on.) But LA is a huge place. How does one go about finding one person in a sea of millions? I was lucky enough to get an anonymous message that gave me the ZIP Code of where Gemma is residing. I don't know if it was from Tachyon herself or one of her cohorts, but it did tell me a ZIP Code, and I'm gonna take that piece of information and (makes running motion with hands) run wild with it. Our friend Nancy Drew tells us: (reads from book) "When you want to know if and where a location exists in a state, simply call the state capital." Yeah! That's what I did. I picked up the phone, I dialed Sacramento and, bada-bing-bada-boom, here I am. (Gestures theatrically while camera pans up to show a building.)

(Nikki is standing in front of the stairs leading up to the building entrance.)

Nikki: Here we are at Gemma's building, thanks to my local Congressman. Now this is the place where we saw Gemma with Lucy. I'm gonna go up there and see if we can find Gemma herself. Come on! (Gestures to camera.)

(Nikki is standing by the front door.)

Nikki: So, I'm here at the call box looking at all the names of the people that live here. And, none of them seem to ring a bell. Unless Gemma's last name is Chen or Sanchez?

(Footage of Nikki in disguise, trying to gain access via a gate. Cut to Nikki across the road by a tree.)

Nikki: So, I'm here outside of Gemma's building where I'm waiting to see if anything unusual happens.

(Camera pans and zooms to topless man walking across road.)

Nikki: Maybe Gemma had a booty call!

(Cut to Nikki across the road from Gemma's building by some railings.)

Nikki: So, I've been out here for hours. This sleuthing thing is hard work... phew! I haven't seen anyone that looks like Gemma or Lucy come in or out of the apartment. But you gotta persevere Nikki, persevere. Back to work. (Turns her back and leans against railings.)

(Camera zooms on two women walking away with Nikki's voiceover.)

Nikki: I think that might be her. Oh my god, and she's walking with someone with blonde hair. That is crazy.

(Cut to Nikki in full disguise, headscarf and sunglasses, jumping with joy.)

(Cut to Nikki sitting in a parked car.)

Nikki: Alright, well, y'all witnessed it. The stakeout is over. We did find out where Gemma lives. One more piece to the puzzle. Until next time folks... Nikki Bower signing off.


  • Nikki stated she discovered the location of Gemma's zipcode by calling her her local Congressman in Sacramento. Congressmen are federal officials however, and therefore operate out of the nation's capital rather than the state capital. She would have reached her state representative, if anyone, if she did indeed call Sacramento (though a mapquest search for the zipcode would have been much easier and equally effective!)
  • Fans speculated that the fact that Nikki allegedly spotted Gemma and Lucy (not to mention that she did not seek out an interview or a better view of the two) may be evidence that she is indeed a canon character in the LG15 series. These suspicions were later revealed to be true.