History Lessons (Coded Rings)

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History Lessons (Coded Rings) is the second video in the Facility J ARG series.

Facility J 002
History Lessons (Coded Rings)

A "Toxic Gene"?

Blogger TravelerJ19
Date Posted January 14th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Genetic engineering is nothing to play around with.

Attribution: Adhesion - Persymphony

YouTube Tags DNA OpAphid Plasmid Decoder Rings
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We're gonna talk today about recombinant DNA. Uh . . . when people in the general public hear the term recombinant DNA they sort of conjure up these ideas of mad scientists going around you know cloning bizarre organisms or creating dangerous forms of life. I told you about plasmids last time - small circular DNA molecules that are, that are used in the purpose of cloning. They're derived from nature but then they're, they've been heavily manipulated by scientists. Purify the enzyme and then perhaps inject it into the individual. The bacteria that didn't get a plasmid die. The bacteria that did get a plasmid survive. Um . . . the gene of interest is a "Toxic Gene".