History Lessons (Knock 'Em Down)

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Facility J 004
History Lesson (Knock 'Em Down)

These traits are heritable in future generations.

Blogger TravelerJ19
Date Posted January 24th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Knockdowns aren't all fun and games.

Attribution: Text Adventure - Kill Meow

YouTube Tags Gene Knockdown RNAi OpAphid FacilityJ Bowling DNA
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History Lesson (Knock 'Em Down) is the fourth video in the Facility J ARG series.


Gene knockdown uses RNA interference to silence the expression of the gene. Researchers at Stonybrook University have successfully knocked down genes in mice. and these traits are heritable in future generations. The creation of germ line transgenic mice with heritable rnai opens the door to the manipulation of gene activity in humans.


Note that the phrase "Knock 'Em Down" is a reference to the Tachyon video Knock 'Em Down