I can't get away from lonelygirl15

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Episode 2/1x002
I can't get away from lonelygirl15

Look, I don't have a problem. I can quit playing Pokémon GO whenever I want to!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted July 20th, 2016
URL youtube.com
Length 2:59
Description I owed all of you this.

BUT... We have a lot to do and it's dangerous. You know who we're dealing with. If we're going to do it -- and I'm still not sure we are -- we have to be careful and have all of our ducks in a row before we move forward.

So Emma and I are going to keep our online presence very limited for our protection and to protect the people we're talking to. We're not going to take any unnecessary risks.

YouTube Tags lonelygirl15
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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I can't get away from lonelygirl15 is the second video in the LG15: Anchor Cove video series.


(Emma and Daniel are sitting on a couch. Emma checks the frame's focus, sighing.)

Daniel: Go ahead.

(Emma gets up to adjust the camera.)

Emma: Well, I don't think it's... just right yet.

Daniel: No, it's not.

Emma: Okay, well, I'm making it right. (Steps away from the camera before sitting down) Is that good?

Daniel: I mean... you're in frame.

(Emma laughs as Daniel gets up to adjust the camera again.)

Emma: I'm sorry, I don't know how to do this. (Opens a notebook)

Daniel: If we're gonna start making videos again, I'm going to have to teach you how to film.

(Daniel finishes adjusting the camera and sits down.)

Emma: Is that better?

Daniel: Uh... yeah. Okay. I'm just gonna sit in.

Text: PROD. DIARY #4 7/17/16

Emma: (Mumbles something)

Daniel: So, um, we met up with, uh, mother number three. Finally. Uh, but at a coffee shop 'cause I don't feel safe bringing anybody here. I just- I just don't know who's out there. (Shrugs) Who's watching us, so... Yeah.

Emma: Um... so we have mother number three, and what she told us was she went into labor, she checked into the hospital, and... While she was in the recovery room, her baby went missing, and now there's no record of the baby, and there's no record of the mother ever even being there. (Turns to Daniel) And that's the same story with the last two mothers... (Turns back to the camera) And the correlation to me is it's the Order.

Daniel: Emma, I-I, uh... I know I-I sound like a broken record, but I really feel like we actually shouldn't be doing this at all.

Emma: We... Dude.

Daniel: It's risky, it just is.

Emma: It's gonna be a risk no matter what we do.

Daniel: Which is why we shouldn't be doing it. Yeah.

Emma: I'm trait positive.

Daniel: Yeah, I know.

Emma: Okay?

Daniel: Yes..

Emma: That's not gonna change.

Daniel: No, it's not.

Emma: And then there's the Order...

Daniel: Whi-

Emma: Who...

Daniel: Is gonna... (Claps his hands)

Emma: What?

Daniel: Look, okay. (Rubs his face) I just- I just want you to for one second not be stubborn and just-just kinda listen to me.

Emma: Okay.

Daniel: I've lost like, literally, everybody in my life. You're the last person I got. You're-you're like my family, do you- You really think I would... (Looks at the camera and shakes his head)

Emma: Daniel, I've lost everybody, too. We've lost the same people.

Daniel: Well... That's...

Emma: I'm gonna do this. And we talked about this before, and I thought you were gonna do it with me, but if you're not, that's fine, but I'm gonna do this. With or without you.

(Daniel shakes his head and rolls his eyes, muttering under his breath. He sighs and then makes a face at Emma, making them both laugh.)

Emma: What?

Daniel: You know I hate you, right?

Emma: Good! Hell, I gotta light a little fire under your butt sometimes.

Daniel: Uh huh. Well, if we're gonna... If. That's a- that's a really big if, we're gonna do this, we're doing it my way. No-

Emma: Oh yeah?

Daniel: Yes.

Emma: What's that?

Daniel: Well, first of all...

Emma: Playing Pokémon Go?

Daniel: No... What?

(Both laugh.)

Emma: Yeah, that's what-

Daniel: What? Why are you calling me out about Pokémon?

Emma: 'Cause that's what you do all the time. And then we're gonna go to the next interview and he's gonna find some rares... And I'm gonna be the one interviewing everybody and he's gonna be like "Oh, look what I found!" (Daniel looks annoyed) I'm sorry. (Laughs)

Daniel: (Shaking his head) I hate you.