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This is an index of all the puzzles that have taken place in the LG15: Anchor Cove web series.

Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15?

Several puzzle pieces were included in the annotations for the video "Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15?".

The URLs for all pieces spell out the phrase "What ever happened to that girl? Yeah, THAT girl."


(Source, LGPedia Mirror)

Wrist.jpg is what appears to be a scan of a redacted medical report for an unknown male subject. The report notes that the subject had been refusing to eat and has been force-fed several times. The subject had recently attempted to slit his wrists with a filed plastic spoon, and was in recovery.


  • The upper redaction is the date of the report, December 21, 2010, able to be seen after altering the contrast on the image.
  • The second redaction is the number of the subject referred to in the report. The number ends with an 8.

When changing the levels in Photoshop, a Watcher symbol is visible in the top left corner, possibly a watermark on the paper.



OnTheMove.wav is a sound recording of a voicemail Daniel leaves for Emma.

Daniel said:
(Sounds of driving in the background. A horn beeps.)
Hey, Emma, um... I'm on my way to catch a train to Santa Monica. Uh, ju-just a heads up, Mom #3 has to change her interview date. (A horn beeps.) I guess uh, she's having trouble getting her baby's birth certificate. Uh, looks like hospital records were tampered with...again. Big surprise, I know. Police reports too. Um, but she says her daughter was taken out of the hospital in 2012. (Sighs) I guess it started up again that year. Anyway, um, I'll talk to you later and - Oh! Could you please stop sending me those Hodor gifs? Like, I get it. I spoiled it for you but... whatever, sorry. Alright. (Sounds of chatter in the background)


(Source, LGPedia Mirror)

Boss.jpg is what appears to be a scan of a redacted chain of emails between a Verdus Pharmaceuticals employee and an elder, as well as a redacted search warrant. Several scrambled elements have been inserted into the scan, including a section reading "the first taste is free".

I can't get away from lonelygirl15

A puzzle piece was included in the annotations of the video "I can't get away from lonelygirl15". It eventually lead to a live event in Burbank, California on August 6, 2016 at 3:00 PM local time.



AreYouWillingTo.wav is short recording featuring the song "Non-Stop" from the musical Hamilton. Half way through the recording, the sound cuts out before repeating. It was soon discovered that a file was embedded into the audio file. The file was password-protected with the password aaronburrsir (a reference to Hamilton).

Within the embedded file were two pictures, one titled "Here.png", which shows scrambled images of the Dark Delicacies book store in Burbank, California, and a second titled "BWAAAAAAAAM.png", which shows a screencap of Bree from What Did Daniel and Dad Talk About?.



BWAAAAAAAAM.wav is a short recording of the shuddering bass sound effect found in many movie trailers. It was originally meant to be discovered either by viewing the folder directory that AreYouWillingTo.wav resided in, or by using the name from BWAAAAAAAAM.png, however M eventually updated the video annotations on "I can't get away from lonelygirl15" to point to it directly. (The annotation was removed after the file was discovered.)

The audio file, like AreYouWillingTo.wav, featured an embedded file that was password-protected with the password aaronburrsir. Within the file was a text document "Hmph.txt" containing the following message:

Hmph.txt said:
You've loved this girl for ten years and don't dig any deeper when you're looking right at her?

It's turtles the whole way down. You've still got work to do.

And download yourself some better tools, for pete's sake. You don't dig up bones with just your hands or just one shovel, do you?



"BWAAAAAAAAM.png" also had an embedded image inside of it, featuring a QR code pointing to YouHaveYourOrders.html, which featured a countdown timer and another audio file, NothingToSeeHere.wav, featuring music from the musical Hamilton (from "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)"). The countdown timer counted down to August 6, 2016, 3:00:00 PM, PDT.

The title of the page, "I have the honor to be your obedient servant", is a reference to the song "Your Obedient Servant" from Hamilton.

Within the audio file "NothingToSeeHere.wav" there was another hidden file, password-protected with the password rochambeau. However, it appeared to be a bit of a red herring.

WellOkay.txt said:
This isn't where you use the codeword -- but since you're here, you're pretty much at the end of this rabbit hole for now, so take a seat.

There's no code, no riddle, no fancy little countdown (except the one I just, y'know, gave you). Not here.

I think you've gathered by now that I... don't really talk to people the way you would. You could say that was taken from me long ago. Many things were taken from me.

What you have to realize is that this battle began long before you were born, long before I was born, and it'll continue long after we're gone. There is no silver bullet, no video game weak point to find. If there was, I would've found it by now. Doing that is my career, in a manner of speaking.

We all have our motivations. You have Bree, I have my own. She seemed -- or seems, depending on your belief -- like a nice young woman. If you're looking for answers from me on her, I don't have them. Not yet.

And this is going to take time. A lot of time. It will come in fits and starts at first, but when it's all ready, I promise you, you'll be coming with me.

If you'll have me. I don't know if I've lost you already. I hope not.

When you've been doing this alone for longer than maybe a few of you have even been alive, you forget what it's like to have people around you.

I'll be around. When it's time, I'll come back. Will you?


Oh yeah, life goes on

Long after the thrill of livin' is gone

-- my namesake

Dark Delicacies Drop

See Dark Delicacies Drop

Daniel: What are you waiting for?

Crash Overrun - Prologue.wav


Crash Overrun - Prologue.wav is a sound recording of a male voice reciting some sort of narrative:

Crash Overrun - Prologue.wav said:
(Door shuts, handling camera noises, deep sigh. more handling camera noises)

What is this? Crash could only think that the trio of words and nefarious (various?) permutations as she felt the darkness envelop her. She was awake but she lacked motor function, her eyes wide shut. Is this what she feared all along?

"Are you sure shes asleep?" asked a voice off to her right. Male, deep. She'd heard him before but couldn't place where. Her equilibrium was off. A probable consequence of the cocktail of drugs she must have been given whilst she was undergoing Deedee's activation.

This is what she was warned about. After the months of constructing her someone came to say that no, Crash couldn't have Deedee to herself. Deedee was too powerful, too special. The AI did not belong to her, although it came from her. Just as Deedee had opened Crash up to so many possibilities, the man came.

Indeed Crash became awakened as Deedee started to take shape. And Crash had gone from a simple brilliant programmer to a will-worker, a reality hacker that could imprint her paradigm on the world. She could throw her own consciousness across vast distances. And it was only a matter of time before she could physically teleport. 'Correspondence,' they told her, that was the sphere of magic she knew best. The Crash always thought it would be her and Deedee (not?) going on this journey together.

"Even if she isn't, she can't do a damn thing." A second, completely foreign voice responded to the first. This man was older, much older. And not American. Crash couldn't place the accent. They rummaged around her room, which was a jumble of wires and circuit boards and the beep beep beep of her EKG. She liked to hear it when she was jacked into the digital web so that there was something outside that would remind her that she was flesh and blood.

They were the Technocracy, the NWO, the men in black who would never let you fly so close to the sun, even if you could hack it. They had spoken to crash once before, though she didn't realize it until this very moment. They wanted the AI. Deedee was special. They were willing to give and inordinate amount of money to Crash, and although she wasn't wealthy, the intellectual property was always more important than a briefcase full of cash. But the men in black were going to take Deedee anyway.

She listened to them pick up the necessary equipment. A small talk of thieves in the night, and then just like that they were gone. Crash was alone. She could literally turn water into wine but she couldn't move her hand, couldn't open her eyes to at least look upon the people who took her greatest creation.

The voices. She would remember the voices. She would find them, however long it took.

(clothes rustling, door clicks)

(unclear whispering)

The whispering at then end is difficult to make out (Audio slowed down and increased volume, Increased volume), but some approximate guesses include:

  • They're waiting for you in the bus
  • They're waiting for you boss
  • They'll work for you boss
  • There are three of us
  • There were three of us

It was soon discovered that a file was embedded into the audio file. The file was password-protected with the password bearstearnsbravo, which was derived from the following hint given by M in a video comment.

M said:
RIP, Pronunciation Book. Your killer will not go unnamed.

One image file, verdus.jpg is a screenshot of a CNN Money article about multiple charges of embezzlement being placed against Verdus Pharmaceuticals' board of directors. The other image file, transcript.jpg details a phone conversation, with Sarah appearing to be "Caller 1".



thecodewordis.7z is a protected zip file containing the image yep-hello.jpg. It can be unlocked by using the password rochambeau from the previous YouHaveYourOrders puzzle.

yep-hello.jpg is a screenshot of Bree lying in a hospital bed from the video "lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 - 5 pm". A message is typed over it:

yep-hello.jpg said:
sorry it's been a while. time flies when you're keeping an eye on these kids.

don't worry, they're fine. i think. it's always hard to tell.

i didn't know how i'd feel when i watched this one. i guess you could say i'm just a little numb at it. the efficiency of what they're doing.

but then again, they've been around for decades, haven't they?

she never stood a chance.

i'll be back sooner this time.

He was NOT happy to see us.


(Source, LGPedia Mirror)

Birth.jpg is a medical report about two subjects in a breeding program, with Subject #131187118520 giving birth on 6/4/2010 to a baby girl. Another subject, presumably the father, is designated #10238118.

When the image is darkened in Photoshop, the message "Hard to find these things after Verdus went down." appears under the third paragraph.

When applying a simple substitution cipher to the Subject Numbers (A = 1, B = 2, etc.) the following is revealed:

  • The first subject number formatted to 13-1-18-7-1-18-5-20 translates as MARGARET, likely Maggie.
  • The second subject number formatted to 10-23-8-1-18 translates as JWHAR, likely Jonas Wharton.


(Source, LGPedia Mirror)

Memo.jpg is a transcript of an interview by two LAPD detectives of an individual named "Seth Grant", submitted as a memo to the District Attorney.

After darkening the images in Photoshop, three messages from M are visible. The first is at the top of the interview, and reads "why does a DA care about someone the cops kicked loose?". The second is in response to the Interviewee telling one of the detectives to ask him a question directly, and reads "Someone knows how to talk to cops.". The third and final message is located at the end of the document, and reads:

M said:
Thing is, I didn't hack LAPD to get this.

Company that bought up all of Verdus' assets ended up with it.

Paranoid Much?