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|date = September 13th, 2006
|date = September 13th, 2006
|url = [http://www.lonelygirl15.com/?p=59 lonelygirl15.com]
|url = [http://www.lonelygirl15.com/?p=59 lonelygirl15.com]
|length  = 1:36
|description = Daniel and I went to the park...
|description = Daniel and I went to the park...
|song = All I Want to Do by [[Jude]]
|song = All I Want to Do by [[Jude]]

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Template:Blog4 In The Park is the thirty-fourth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(Daniel is standing in front of a tree, in a park, at night.)

Daniel: (to camera) So, I'm supposed to meet Bree on the swing set right over there. We're going bowling. She's late. I saw the whole, uh, lemons thing, and, uh, wow... So her dad banned me from the house...permanently. That's fine, whatever, I don't care.

(Daniel is filming Bree from behind some cars. She is standing next to a water fountain. As Daniel is talking she reaches down and digs around in her backpack.)

There she is. She made me wait, so I'm gonna make her wait. Okay, what's she doing? It's just about 10 o'clock right now and she usually...

(Bree pulls out a sweatshirt instead of whatever Daniel was expecting her to pull out.)

Oh wait, okay, never mind, forget it.

(Daniel films some random shots of the park, he eventually cuts to Bree at the top of a slide.)

We should go.

Bree: Where are we going?

Daniel: Bowling.

(Bree slides down)

Bree: Why don't we just stay here?

Daniel: Paul and Andrea are waiting for us.

Bree: Well...how about they come here? ...slides and swings and sand and a jungle gym. Please?

(Cut to Bree spinning around with her bag. She stops spinning to get into Daniel's car.)

Bree: I feel dizzy.

(Bree opens the door to Daniel's car, but before entering, she kneels and starts rummaging through her bag.)

Daniel: What are you looking for?

Bree: Daniel... do you have to film everything?

(She pulls out some pills wrapped in a ziplock bag.)

Daniel: What is that? Is your dad making you take that?

(Bree grumbles, pops some pills and washes them down with water.)

Daniel: Iron pills.

Bree: Yes. Can we go now?


  • This was the first episode to air after the true identities of the actors were made public.
  • The same park can be seen in videos posted by OpAphid, Tachyon, and Cassieiswatching.