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| tags        =  {{tags|AND|HI|PIP}}
| tags        =  {{tags|AND|HI|PIP}}
| cast        =  
| cast        =  
{{FakeVidChar|[[Lofisyndicate{{!}}Linc]]|[[Logan Rapp]]}}
| Previous    = Running (April 25th)  
| Previous    = Running (April 25th)  
| Next        = Hurry
| Next        = Hurry

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Intense Jihad, If Cubit Dipped is the eleventh video in the dehteraew video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins ARG.


(Silent footage of a tornado, ripping through a building and throwing debris around. Two cars drive by.)


  • The first paragraph of the description is Base 64 for "Was it a rat I saw?" This phrase is a palindrome, meaning it says the same thing backwards as forwards.
  • The second paragraph of the description is hex for "not this one. / you don't get this one."
  • "Intense Jihad, If Cubit Dipped" is an anagram for "Subject Identified, P in APHID"