Introductions and Applications

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Episode 0011
Introductions and Applications

He's my hero!

Blogger Chrysandra
Date Posted July 2nd, 2007
Description Sorry I've been gone for a while! Meet Iggateause.
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YouTube Tags introductions and applications chrys chrysplanet flock lonelygirl15 lg15
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Introductions and Applications is the eleventh video in the chrysplanet video series.


Chrys: Today I thought I'd introduce you to my pal Iggateause! He's a lanky cat! (Short sped up segment of Chrys bouncing Iggateause around by his tail.) For the most part, he's just stays on my dresser. I don't play with stuffed animals anymore. Iggy's my only one.

Okay, except for my Lorax! (Chrys pulls out Lorax doll.) Do you remember the Doctor Seuss book? When they were cutting down all the trees and the Lorax stood up? "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!" He's my hero.

Anyways, I got an application! (Sped up segment of Chrys filling out application while music plays.) References? (Chrys looks at Iggateause and Lorax and smiles.)