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Age: Unknown
MySpace: xomuzik
Portrayed by: Steven Molanders
Steven Molanders filmography

XO (actual name Steven Molanders) is a rapper and a good friend of Adam Lamar's in the Maddison Atkins ARG. He was first mentioned in the video AdamlamarTV episode 1, where Adam recommends his music: Mouthpiece of the South. Go get that Grind-A-Holic. Adam also plugs XO's new album in AdamlamarTV Episode 2. Adam's love for XO was later mocked by Marla in the video AdamlamarlaTV Episode 3.

XO's song, "Grind-A-Holic," can be heard in Clara's Interview with XO video, as a background to the story of what happened on April 26, 2007 during XO's CD release party at the Sportshack* bar in Nacogdoches, Texas. Adam Lamar was introduced in an earlier Clara interview video, Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor, where he refers to the infamous events of April 26 as the "Date Rape Blood Drive."

Adam got many of the facts wrong according to XO, by exaggerating the number of girls involved from 6 to 10, and stating that fallout from that event was the reason XO left town. XO says, "To say it was ten girls and, you know, to blow it all out of proportion; we got run outta town over it is, to tell the truth, is kinda crazy, I mean" and also expresses dislike of the use of date rape drugs, and tells us that he paid for the girls involved to get blood tests to make sure they had not been infected with anything. XO also gives some shout-outs to East Texas, Nacogdoches, Adam Lamar, etc., showing them some love even though he is now located in Vegas.

note: There is a comment on XO's myspace page by DJCONTACT/Dr. Austin saying "Apr 24 2007 12:30 AM - It Goes Down this Thursday @ Shack Big-Hommie"

XO's band website: Mouthpiece Of The South

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