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Jordan Bush
Portrays Jordan
Background information
Age 26
YouTube E11EVEN72

Jordan Bush filmography
Videos with Jordan Bush as assistant director
Videos with Jordan Bush as director of photography

Jordan Bush is the community member who plays the character Jordan in LG15: Awakening and LG15: Outbreak.

A sixteen year old from southern Pennsylvania, he discovered LG15 in February 2009 and watched the entire series in two weeks. He started doing his own videos in March 2009 due to the interactive series Harper's Globe, another EQAL run site, but was regrettably unable to participate in LG15: The Last due to his full involvement in Harper's Globe.

Jordan got involved in LG15: Outbreak on day one. He and Jessica Johnston began a YouTube channel called LG15Awakening, for in game interaction with the characters and they both play character versions of themselves. He and Jessica also make a cameo appearance in the 12in12 for Outbreak.

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