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This is a Behind the Scenes page that contains real world information. It may be locked for editing due to privacy concerns.

These actors and characters have had only a minor role in the LG15: Outbreak stories. They are listed in order of appearance.

Fan Cameos

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Several fans have had cameos in LG15: Outbreak videos. In addition to appearances in the fan series LG15: Awakening fans have recieved numerous shout-outs in the series, and fans Jordan Bush, Jessica Johnston, and Mitchell Wright all made appearances in the finale.

lonelygirl15 and LG15: The Resistance Actors

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lonelygirl15 and LG15: The Resistance actors have appeared in flashback footage, including Alexandra Dreyfus, Craig Coyne, Melanie Merkosky, Jackson Davis, Yousef Abu-Taleb, Crystal Young, Brandon Burkhart, Melissa Kite, Jessica Lee Rose, Mesh Flinders, Raegan Payne, Amanda Goodfried, Maxwell Glick, Becki Kregoski, Shannon Solomon, and Greg Goodfried.

LG15: Outbreak Cast & Crew
Main Cast Gregory Austin McConnell · Dani Martin · Lance Little
Crew Gregory Austin McConnell · Lance Little · Vincent Rouse · Dani Martin · Maxwell Glick · Jordan Bush · Jessica Johnston · Mitchell Wright
Other Cast Maxwell Glick · Jordan Bush · Jessica Johnston · Mitchell Wright · Other Cameos