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Operation APHID
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Operation APHID (usually referred to as OpAPHID) is an elite division of the Order, that figured in heavily in the plot of Lonelygirl15 between November 2006 and March 2007. While the Hymn of One appears to be the recruiting branch, OpAPHID is more drastic and is considered the enforcement branch. The leader of OpAPHID has the same name: OpAphid.

OpAPHID will go to drastic lengths to stop the Resistance. OpAPHID has agents that track down members of the Resistance and attempt to kill them. OpAPHID agents include War Pylol. It is believed that Tachyon, OpAphid's main enemy, was once an OpAPHID agent.

The letters

OpAPHID is known to have parallel meanings. The Order tells Hymn of One members that it is a way to communicate with outsiders via OPAPHID. The insider meaning is actually Operation Analyze Protect Hinder Infiltrate Destroy.

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