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Lonelygirl15, or LG15 for short, is the longest running and most popular web series on the internet, ranging in over 25 million views in it's highly anticapted second season broadcast run.


As the season begins, everyone is seperated, ba in their schools and hometowns. But soon mourning the loss of Bree becomes a burden, and both Jonas and Daniel decide to take on paths of their own. After strange videos by a user under the name of LaRezisto (otherwise known as the Resistance) surface, promising to know the whereabouts of Jonas's very aliv parents, he wishfully believes that hope has once again been found. WHat he doesn't know, is that evil never hides. His parents may be alive, but they have no memory of their long lost son. Only presentable fottage of the life of their newly adopted teenaged daughter, Emma. The brother and sister duo find friendship within eachother in a matter of moments, but when Taylor discovers that the new trait positive girl the order is after is actually none other than our new heroin, all gaurds are down. Daniel travels to meet Jonas near his parents house in an effort to save both Emma and the memoirs of her blood, and make a plan to meet up with Taylor's sister Sarah in the woods - with her carrying the serum to untaint the one thing the order now wants. But the plan goes awry as few agree to the fact that Emma may contain supernatural abilities to kill those simply with one touch. The "Angel of Death", as one may refer. ALthough thought to be safe, an elder under the name of William C. Porter (the president of bio-therapy) is still watching closely to her every move, even sending her and her friends videotapes of a patient under ritual awaiting protection from her then friendly doctor. TAAG then see's this as a resort: come into contact with the man treating the patient (Patient # 11). Though, even under his (Dr. Hart) supervision, Emma is kidnapped and placed into a home with Gina, now identified as Patient # 11. In the season 2 finale of Lonelygirl15, Emma uses her newly discovered abilities to kill off her elder with the help of the Doctor, who then reveals Gina to be Bree's biological sister seperated at birth.


  • Bloodlines: Part 1 JTKO
  • Bloodlines: Part 2 JTKO
  • Bloodlines: Part 3 JTKO
  • Bloodlines: Part 4 DRH

    The Announcement

    InsideLG15 said:



    Mark your calendars, save the date, get time off work, ditch school, but make sure you do whatever it takes to join the LG15 community for the finale of Season 2. The excitement will begin on Wednesday, January 23, with our live event in San Francisco. Then, tune in to the four-part finale with action-packed videos and a surprise ending. Oh yeah, and as always, someone will die! We are so excited for this event and can't wait for you all to join us!!!!!!!

    LG15 Team

    Press Photos

    To help generate publicity for the event, lg15 released a number of MySpace badges, as well as photo outtakes, on their blog.