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Are you looking to help out on the LGPedia, but don't know where to get started? Well, you're in luck. We still need a lot of help on this wiki. Below, are some ideas of where to help out. If you're looking for some specific tasks that need to be completed, check out the tasks page. To raise general questions about the wiki, come visit Lucy's Balcony.

To Do

Ongoing projects

  • Videos — We are always looking to stay as up to date as possible. Whenever a new video is posted, we need it added to the LGPedia. At the bottom of each video is a section on notes. This can be real-world trivia (such as movie references), other details about the video (if it has some connection to another video or event that might not be obvious to everyone). Not every note will end up included, but give it a shot!
  • Reorganizing — As the LGPedia looks to improve and reorganize, there are several ongoing discussions about changing pages. Discuss pages that are marked for deletion or proposed for merges.
  • Constant Updates — Many pages on the LGPedia need constant updates as the series progresses. See this page to help keep us up-to-date.

Large projects

  • Overhauls — As you've probably noticed, a lot of articles need help. If you'd like to propose a major overhaul of an article, it's probably best to start by asking for input on the article's talk page. Then, get to work!
  • Fan fiction — We love fan fiction here at the LGPedia. But, there's a lot of it and it's really hard for us to keep track. If there's a fan fiction series that we're missing, let us know.
  • Up-to-date — Pages on the wiki tend to get out-of-date fast. Old pages often need updated to capture the latest developments in the series. Here are the oldest pages on the LGPedia.

Articles needing attention

Top 5 most wanted:

These pages have several links to them but do not yet exist:
Amateur‏‎ (70 links), Fun‏‎ (60 links), Extreme‏‎ (56 links), Atkins‏‎ (46 links) and Renee G.‏‎ (44 links)

Struggling pages:

  • Clean-up — These pages have been marked for a clean-up.
  • Dead-ends — These pages don't link anywhere.
  • Orphans — Nothing links to these pages.