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In their post on November 24th, 2006 on the lonelygirl15 message forum, the Creators of lonelygirl15 explained the various ways that viewers could interact with their story. Along with viewers' ability to use the official forum to discuss the plot and characters with each other and post questions, comments and suggestions to the characters via the character interaction section of the forum, the Creators emboldened fans to "[c]reate your own characters and storylines within the Breeniverse." The post goes on to explain that once fans create such videos, this work can be submitted "as 'Video Comments' to a video we produce." Fans were encouraged to "Give Bree or Daniel advice. Create your own story (like LordGreystoke422) or make parody videos (like LonesomeOctober)...you are only limited by your creativity." Many fans took up this challenge and began creating their own response videos. These fan-created videos are diverse in content, genre and production values.

Members of the official forum were given a section in which to discuss these fan-created works. The comments about these fan creations range from praise to criticism to lengthy discussions to occasional speculation about whether or not a video response is connected to the official story. One example of such speculation surrounding an official connection to the lg15 story has revolved around the video responses of Nikki Bower, whose investigative report videos have been set in many of the same locations as canon videos. This speculation could be due to the fact that two official characters, Gemma and Jonas, were introduced to the audience in videoblogs under the guise of fan responses. Once Gemma and Jonas were acknowledged by Bree in her videoblog, these two characters were understood to be an official part of the Breeniverse. Speculation about other videos revolved around the fan spin-off OpAphid, which became the official ARG of the lonelygirl15 series. OpAphid is unique in the fact that it was not created by the lg15 production team, but was rather incorporated into the series. According to a post made on November 24th, 2006 on the official forum, the Creators stated that OpAphid "was a 100% fan created ARG. We liked it so much that we decided to contact the creator and make it the official LG15 ARG."

In this November 24th post, the Creators continue with the following statements: "We can't wait to see what other characters and storylines you guys come up with. Your creativity and passion is truly amazing." Although the producers of the lonelygirl15 saga encourage fan-created materials, they are careful not respond to, comment on, or endorse these videos in any way. Fan creations can be uploaded to users' personal Revver accounts, and can appear on the main page of the Tribute to Lonelygirl15 site in a column next to the most recent lonelygirl15 video. Although referred to as "Fan Creations and Spin-offs" on the official forum, they are sometimes referred to by some viewers as Fan Fiction. This genre of fan-created video fiction is still developing and has yet to be named or specifically defined within the lexicon of fan-created endeavors.

Breeniverse Content

These are videos that take place in the fictional world of lonelygirl15. The videos may be made by unofficial characters or commentators, who live by the rules of the Breeniverse. They typically include four types of interaction:

  • Character - users who post "in character" video responses to the LG15 videos. They claim to be various unseen characters or other people related directly to Bree's world.
  • Commentary - post video replies to the LG15 characters offering them advice, etc.
  • Interactive - ARGs or other interactive videos relating to the Breeniverse
  • Cassie fanfic - Based on the unseen character of Cassie; often posted as Cassie herself or commenting on what happened to her.

Name Type Description
Aaronbeast Character Daniel's supposed brother, Aaron.
coleensblog Character Posts LiveJournal entries about discovering the Order and her wish to join the fight.
The Deacons (commenter) Character Posts on the comments board of the LG15 website as the higher-ups from the Order, giving Bree advice and warnings and often beseeching her to return to them.
Dreams in the Breeniverse Character An ongoing series of dreams from both canon and non-canon characters created by Jerry Wright aka voyboy
dehteraew Character dehteraew or "We Are The D," accounts for a member of OpAphid now on the run from them.
djpplanet Character A preteen along with other preteen boys and teenagers fighting a secret organization, Tritech, that demands respect by the Order.
HOOBS Character(s) Numerous characters take a place within the Hymn of One Boarding school as teachers and students, working together to find their eternal songs.
Immant Character A reformist doctor who serves as the Order's Minister of Information, uses his videos to share minimal information with the public about the Order's history and intentions.
Jumatie Character Three siblings move from the UK into a house that belonged to a trait positive girl that died and her spirit is haunting them
Lonelygirl15's Dad Character A series of videos following Lonelygirl15's Dad as he tries to raise his daughter and is thrown into his own adventure with The Order. The series also includes other memorable LG15 characters such as Daniel's Train Hopping Buddy and A Watcher.
Lonefox101 Character Ethan, a 17-year-old ex-agent for the Wyman Foundation, helps protect trait positive girls from the Order.
LonesomeOctober Character Posts in-character video responses as Purple Monkey and Owen.
N3ural N3t Character(s) A support network made up of individuals dedicated to providing research and support to those fighting against the Order.
NileiNDeNile Character(s) Story about man on the run, after his fiance is murdered by an unknown organization.
Paul and Andrea Character Post videos as Paul and Andrea, the unseen friends of Daniel who have been mentioned in several early lonelygirl15 videos.
ProjectStatic Character A fan fiction character connected to TheLadyLazarus ARG.
sarahsnotebook Character Claims to have escaped the Order 15 years ago. Her videos chronicle her traumatic memories of the ceremony and express her wish to help Bree.
Sarah M Character A girl who is faithful to the hymn of one.
StormFaction Character Leader of a resistance movement against the Order.
The 707 clique Character He drank an orange slurpee and turned evil, posts videos about his adventures working for the Order.
TheLoneliestTraveler Character Posted several videos following the ending of an eBay auction for a garden gnome used it KateModern. Several ties have been found between the videos and lonelygirl15.
The Flock Character(s) The Flock are followers of the Hymn of One. While Ceremony candidates may be included not all Flock members are Ceremony candidates.
Xeniph Character Claims to have met Bree at Camp. She posts as the daughter of someone who works with the Elders (although the exact work relationship has never been described). She gives Bree advice, but she has troubles of her own.
Zarbod Character An extraterrestrial on YouTube who has a crush on Bree.
ZiGaRaMi Character Psychotic male feline who claims to have captured Bree at many points in the series. He has expressed sexual desires for Jonas, Bree, and Daniel.
ApotheosisAZ Commentary A person of the highest ethical order, submits insane satire and zaniness.
Brucker Commentary Offers common-sense safety tips to the lg15 bloggers. He may be a member of the Order.
bubbleteagirl Commentary bubbleteagirl replies to Bree, Daniel and Jonas's videos. Usually she offers advice. Sometimes she shares personal stories that are similar or related to situations in the Breeniverse.
Codenameladysolitary Commentary Codenameladysolitary (or ladysolitary85) is a young woman who suffered loss memory of everything she knew. She discovered DBJ and the problems they've been falling through with the Order. She has been trying to investigate more about them in hope to find out more on herself and her past. Usually posting blogs on myspace being on the run herself.
eviltachyon Commentary Eviltachyon is a 20 year old man who is Tachyon's older brother. he sometimes offers her advice, and is currently staying with his uncle Alex.
Gemma Crowley Commentary Gemma Crowley issues photographic warnings and information on the Order
Iris2009 Commentary Offers his advice to Bree, Daniel and Jonas while he is on the run.
masonishappy Commentary Posts videos criticizing the TAAG's actions and offering assistance.
Students of Anchor Cove Rallying to Eliminate Degeneracy Commentary A series of satirical videos, often with clips from black and white 1950s morality-film strips, "to help Bree and all decent girls the trappings of the modern age."
TWJaniak Commentary Has occasionally shared his advice with Bree and Daniel, in addition to other responses to events in the world of lonelygirl15.
EWLPRI Interactive The Elendi-Waffle Lonelistic Physics Institute is an organization which studies the physics behind the happenings in this our Breeniverse and reports them to you.
The Coalition Interactive Four fan-created ARGs exploring dangerous and mysterious organizations.
The Homeschoolers Aggregate Interactive A participatory online pursuit for the gifted homeschooler focused on structure, philosophy and lessons inspired by the events in Bree's life.
The Iris Network Interactive A participatory online network, seeking revenge upon the Order of Denderah.
Associated accounts are known to be: riverstyxshow, Damieneyes, sexhexy, OmzigTheLemur, Genocide, and jdolorous.
ItsM Interactive Posts videos that revolve around uncovering the identity of Tachyon as well as others containing puzzles to be solved by the viewer.
LordGreystoke422 Interactive Posts videos that revolve around his pursuit by mysterious people who may or may not be related to OpAphid and the Order. In addition, he offers help and support to Bree and Daniel. Info removed to avoid betrayals.
Mission: Return To Anchor Cove Interactive An ARG focused around the LG15 world.
OpScorn Interactive An Opaphid-like ARG focused around the TheLadyLazarus and LG15 world.
Redearth88 Interactive Series spun-off from OpAphid, by the original creator of the ARG. (Maddison Atkins, which is part of the series, was originally separate.)
Red Territory Interactive Metaverse, encompassing Redearth88, The Coalition, and several other series.
TheLadyLazarus Interactive An ARG based on cassieiswatching and OpAphid in the LG15 world.
breeiswaiting Cassie fanfic This youtube account released one video entitled "whitegreenwhite" on October 13, 2006, the day after Bree was supposed to do The Ceremony, and it was accepted as the first response to that video on youtube. While the video makes no direct allusions to Cassie, the account title and tenor of the video seemed to be a purposeful clone of the cassieiswatching style. The video appears to direct viewers to a potential drop site in Topanga Canyon. While the video appeared to garner little interest when it was first released, Nikki Bower later claimed that this video directed her to the place where she located the box with the Watcher symbol on it.
cassieiswatching Cassie fanfic Quickly rose to infamy by posting videos implying she was the

Cassie that Bree had briefly discussed with Daniel. One of the most popular early fan series, cassieiswatching spawned many spin-offs of its own.

cassieresurrection Cassie fanfic This user started posting videos on February 12th, 2007, which count down starting from day 9, presumably to the day of her "ressurection." The style is somewhat in between the styles of cassieiswatching and itscassie.
Etchings Cassie fanfic Videos of a stalker hunting prey.
Frankiswaking Cassie fanfic A spinoff of cassieiswatching. This user posts videos as the Frank who is mentioned in the cassieiswatching series.
fourthface Cassie fanfic Posts videos are mostly comprised of text on the screen warning Bree that she is in danger from someone known as The Keeper.
GuillotineCalamity Cassie fanfic
itrog Cassie fanfic
itscassie Cassie fanfic Posts dark videos as Cassie locked in the Order's secret, undisclosed compound.

Our World Content

These are fan videos created with the knowledge that Lonelygirl15 is fake. They may post spoofs, commentary, or other types of replies to the LG15 Videos.

The Story of Purple Monkey
Name Genre Description
Ask-A-Ninja Comedy Spoof, using carefully edited LG15 and Ask-A-Ninja clips to make Bree seem to fall in love with the ninja.
Deemontreal Music Videos A musician who created a music video tribute to lonelygirl15
Dr. Bethany Comedy/Commentary A spin-off of LonelyJew15 that follows the bear Bethany as he comments on life.
Happy Slip Comedy Sketch comedy claiming that Happy Slip auditioned for the part of Bree.
The Jeph Show Vlog Blogs made by the cast of Jumatie.
Kelseygirl15 Comedy Kelsey did many spoofs of LG15, and was originally believed to be a new girl.
Lonelygirl362436 Comedy Carmen Electra blogs a spoof of lg15 from the Creators of Epic Movie.
Lonelydude15 Parody Series about a lonely boy similar to Bree, named Brett. He solves problems of his life with his friend Danielle, similar to Daniel.
LonelyJew15 Parody A webisodic parody of lonelygirl15 that asks, "What if Anne Frank had a webcam?"
Marbella Comedy/Commentary Posts a wide variety of video responses. Some are parodies. Others are fan videos.

Dr. Marbella has a DSAVM. That's a doctorate in stuffed animal veterinary medicine. All of her videos are WAY far out~but FUN!

MintGurl Comedy/Commentary Videos about OpAphid and Lonelygirl15 as well as comedy videos about DanielBeast
mossymansions Music Videos A fan who wrote and recorded a song entitled "Lonely Girl 15" about Bree's adventures and posted it on YouTube.
MsBlackBetty Vlog The winner of the Miss HorrorFest 2007 title, that did a lonelygirl15 parody video.
Selaphesia Comedy A Pulitzer prize worthy reenactment of the violent confrontations between LonelyGirl15 and David. An absolute "must watch". "Brought tears to my eyes..." -Time Magazine
Parody A trailer for a movie starring Bree as the villain who abuses P. Monkey.
TigerlilyLynn Documentary YouTube fan account recapping the ARG Puzzles and drops.
Tannhaus Vlog Posts a video series known as A Thelemite Speaks.
TheLonelyHill88 Comedy Spoof by popular Australian YouTuber TheHill88
TitoHandyman Vlog Chronicles his attempts to establish a beehive in responses to Bree's videos.
ValleyGirl15 Comedy Spoof of Bree, in the Alternate Reality, known as the San Fernando Valley.
WatchingOpAphid Documentary YouTube fan account attempting to keep track of all OpAphid-related posts.
WHATTHEBUCKSHOW Comedy Made a newscast about Bree's Death.
YourMomIsSmarmy Comedy YouTube user that made a parody video of LG15.