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These are pages on the LGPedia that are in need of constant updates. Please help us out by making sure these pages are as up-to-date as possible. Note: Many of the pages linked here are summary pages of more detailed pages that need updating. Please click through those pages if you think you've got an update related to that topic! (ie Click on Characters if you have an update on Aunt Alex; click on Theories and Speculation if you have an update regarding orange slurpees, etc)

Pages to Be Updated With Each New Video

Portal:LG15: The Resistance, Portal:LG15: The Last and Portal:N1ckola Every time a new blog or major event happens, it needs to be listed on the corresponding series portal.
List of LG15: The Resistance videos, List of LG15: The Last videos and List of N1ckola videos Every new video in both series should be documented on their respective video lists.
LG15: The Resistance characters, LG15: The Last characters and N1ckola characters Character pages constantly need updating with Last Appearances and New Plot Information.
LG15: The Resistance locations, LG15: The Last locations and N1ckola locations New blogs to be listed in the proper locations. New images also need to be added to location pages every time a new, significant view of the location is shown.
LG15: The Resistance The Story So Far..., LG15: The Last The Story So Far... and N1ckola The Story So Far... As the story progresses, the major events need to be tracked on these pages.
LG15: The Resistance soundtrack, LG15: The Last soundtrack and N1ckola soundtrack The songs included in new videos should be documented on this page.

Pages to Be Updated Each Time A New Official Reference Occurs

LG15: The Resistance relationships / LG15: The Last relationships / N1ckola relationships Whenever major developments happen in the romantic relationships between the characters in the series, they should be documented here.
Missions Whenever there's a major mission in either series, it should be documented here.
Pop culture references Any time a character makes a reference to popular culture, it should be documented here.
Fan references Whenever fans are mentioned in the series, it should be noted here.
Theories and Speculation / LG15: The Resistance notable details / LG15: The Last notable details / N1ckola notable details When vidoes further progress our theories or provide new evidence regarding notable details, these pages should be updated.