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This page is a list of all fanfic or user-generated content (videos) not currently covered on LGPedia. These are all listed on the LG15 Spin-offs page.

  • Ask-A-Ninja
  • Codenameladysolitary
  • dehteraew
  • Dr. Bethany
  • Etchings
  • eviltachyon
  • Gemma Crowley (will be merged into Acrowleyorder.)
  • itrog
  • ItsM
  • Lonelygirl15's Dad
  • MintGurl
  • mossymansions
  • Sarah M
  • Selaphesia
  • The Story of Purple Monkey
  • Students of Anchor Cove Rallying to Eliminate Degeneracy
  • TigerlilyLynn
  • TheLonelyHill88
  • TitoHandyman
  • ValleyGirl15
  • WatchingOpAphid
  • YourMomIsSmarmy
  • Zarbod
  • ZiGaRaMi