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Flock Video 0030
Listen to my story

A monster lurks outside the kingdom

Blogger Alessandra
Date Posted July 15th, 2007
Description Gather round children.
YouTube Tags horrorlass alessandra the flock hymn of one fairy tale story monster

Music "No Surprises" by Radiohead
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Listen to my story is the thirtieth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It was posted in response to CynnamonDolce's video, Where Are You?.


Text: (over a picture of the Earth) Sometimes I pretend I'm somewhere else

Text: (over a picture of a castle) Once upon a time, in a land far away, a great castle sits

Text: (over a picture of a wave) Princes travel over oceans to visit me

Text: (over a picture of scales) Here I rule, just and fair

Text: (over a picture of a pair of hands holding a sapling tree) In my hands the people trust their future

Text: (over a picture of many smiling mouths) Everyone in the kingdom is happy

Text: (over a picture of a frozen branch) When one unfortunate day, the air turns cold

Text: (over a picture of a demon) A monster lurks outside the kingdom

Text: (over a picture of a strange brown monster) The creature can not be tamed, nor defeated

Text: (over a picture of a wasteland covered in bodies and sad-looking people) Cruelty and suffering sustain it

Text: (over a picture of a crying eye) How do I protect my people?

Text: (over a picture of a small boy hiding behind his mother) Everyone hides in fear of the beast

Text: (over a picture of a menacing storm over a farmhouse) Storms roll in from the highlands

Text: (over a picture of debris) Absolute destruction follows the monster

Text: (over a picture of a sunset over mountains) Like the aftermath of a plague, darkness falls

Text: (over a picture of sad-looking children) Leaving my people broken


Video Comments

Liandra said:
Your story made me feel sad.
Cynthia said:
Okay, what? Maybe I'm having a blonde day but....
Cynthia said:
What?? You've made me paranoid now! Alessandra, if this is over what I said about your parents, I'm sorry...