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|name        = New Girl
|name        = New Girl
|blogger      = Bree
|blogger      = Bree
|image        =  
|image        = 0173-BreeSayingItsCrazy.jpg
|description  =  
|description  = Bree thinks Nikki Bower has a lead on who the new ceremony girl might be.
|url          = [http://www.lonelygirl15.com/?p=230 lonelygirl15.com]
|url          = [http://www.lonelygirl15.com/?p=230 lonelygirl15.com]
|forumurl    =  
|forumurl    =  

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Who's that girl?
The Hunt for Bree — before Jessica Lee Rose was on Jay Leno, before the Creators, before the ARGs, there was a girl in her bedroom named Bree, and an army of fans searching for her true identity. This is the story of that hunt.

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Latest Developments

April 17th, 2007
New Girl
Bree thinks Nikki Bower has a lead on who the new ceremony girl might be.
Watch at lonelygirl15.com
April 16th, 2007
Nikki Hugging Kira.jpg
Nikki attempts to track down the "new girl" who will complete the Ceremony in Bree's place. She then has lunch at Chili's.
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April 16th, 2007
Jonas explains about the gun and the gang heads to a new location.
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April 16th, 2007

A new sequel to lonelygirl15 called "KateModern" is announced to begin in July. news report

April 13th, 2007
Theperfectbeach daniel alex jonas.JPG
Alex takes the trio to the beach where they have a great time, until some unexpected guests arrive and Jonas pulls a gun.
Watch at lonelygirl15.com or discuss at forum
April 12th, 2007
After Nikki reveals to us that OpAphid, Tachyon, and Brother are missing, she finds drugs in an empty warehouse, which leads her to a motel room where drug paraphernalia and an interesting text message is found.
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