Following the Drugs - NBR Investigates

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Episode 17/1x017
Following the Drugs!! - NBR Investigates

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Blogger Nikki
Date Posted April 12th, 2007
Length 7:44
Description I followed the trail of drugs and bodies. It was an eventful day!!
Location(s) Nikki Bower's house, The EPOGEN Warehouse, Ace's motel
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport nikki lonelygirl15 bree daniel jonas las vegas drugs rabbit ace
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Following the Drugs!! - NBR Investigates is the seventeenth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki sitting at home holding a mug.)

Nikki: Good Morning, Guys! It's Nikki B. here!

I hate to break the news... my pilot for the Food Network didn't quite make it. I guess they didn't like that I burned my wings. Good news on the Bree front. I received some vital information. The man in the desert who kidnapped BDJ worked for OpAphid and it is now been confirmed that that kidnapper is... dead. Also, OpAphid is missing and hasn't been heard from in weeks. And Tachyon and Brother... they're missing too. This is very important. If you've never listened to Nikki before, start listening... (Nikki tugs on her ears) get those listening ears on. Tachyon, Brother, and OpAphid, they were the only people watching Bree's videos. The Hymn of One and the Order don't watch them! With BDJ in Mexico, they're safe! The Order is not watching those videos. So how do I know all of this? I had a top secret meeting with an informant, whose identity I promised not to reveal. This was a lot of information for my source to reveal. But, how could I trust him? How could I really believe what he had to say? I asked him to back this up. (Nikki holds up a piece of yellow paper) And he gave me... an address.

(Cut to Nikki standing in front of a warehouse)

Nikki: Which leads us here. We're outside a warehouse. Before we go inside, I'm going to make sure the coast is clear.

(Nikki looks through a large pair of binoculars)

Nikki: I think we're clear. Let's move it troops (claps twice). Let's go.

(Nikki walks towards the warehouse. Cut to her standing in a pitch black room. Door slams.)

Nikki: Wow. Good thing Nikki always travels with a flashlight. (Nikki turns on the flashlight) What is this place? (flashlight scans to a box with a lemniscate symbol on it) Boxes? That... that is the same symbol that was on the EPOGEN boxes. (mumbles and opens box. She finds a box labeled Modafinil) Modafinil? (She shines the flashlight on her face) Okay, I'm getting out of here.

(Cut to Nikki sitting in a car)

Nikki: So I just left the warehouse. What a big, dark, creepy place that was. It got me thinking about... about drugs. Drugs have really been involved in this thing... since the beginning pretty much. I mean remember EPOGEN? That was a drug that Bree was injected with before the Ceremony. So Daniel has been posting on the forum lately, and he's been having these flashbacks of... of drugs where he was being held captive. And the drugs he remembers -- Dextroamphetamine and Modafinil. Interesting. The same company, (cut to box with lemniscate on it) you know, these guys, (back to Nikki in the car) are distributing all of the drugs. This company must supply the Order with drugs. Or maybe this is a front for the Order. So I found a shipping label (quick cut of box with shipping label) on one of the boxes. It has an address. Let's go see what we can find.

(Nikki is now standing outside of a motel)

Nikki: So, I arrived at the address from the shipping label, and I thought it might be like an office building or a warehouse. No. Just a motel. Wonder what's in store. (smiles) Let's check it out.

(Nikki is now standing outside of room 208. She tries, unsuccessfully, to open the door.)

Nikki: Locked. My mentor, Nancy Drew, says, "When trying to enter a locked location, look to your surroundings for assistance."

(Nikki looks over the balcony and sees a maid.)

Nikki: (in Spanish) Perdóneme señora, perdí mi llave. Ayúdeme, por favor.

(Nikki is back outside the motel room.)

Nikki: Remembering my high school Spanish sure came in handy. (holds up room key) Let's just go for it. (She opens the door and looks around) So it definately looks like someone is staying here... or was staying here. Kind of left in a little bit of a hurry, possibly. Something you guys may not know about Nikki B. is that I used to make my living being a mime. It's true! So I always carry some (holds up white gloves) white gloves around because you never know when someone might need a mime. Today, they prove to be very handy for my (puts on first glove) ahh... investigative research. (puts on second glove and begins miming a wall). Let's go investigate.

(Shot of the Bible, a telephone, a bunny sock, some pills, and a glass of water)

Nikki: A Bible... and a bunny.

(Shot of an orange bottle of pills near a yellow notepad and a pack of playing cards. The seven of diamonds is visible. Nikki picks up the pill bottle)

Nikki: Moda... Modafinil? That's the same drug we just found at the warehouse. Okay. This is scary... but good.

(Nikki looks at the writing on the yellow notepad)

Nikki: Um, look at this. "All night buffet," "slots," "tickets to Mamma Mia." That's... that's Vegas! And... well BDJ just went to Vegas, and of course they were kidnapped... and there was drugs involved... and there's drugs here... and... I'm on to something!! (sings) I'm on to something!!

(Nikki is standing in front of a closet where a gray sport coat is hanging)

Nikki: A sport coat. Very stylish. You love it? I love it. (sings) I gotta get Ross.

(Cut to a sink with drug paraphernalia on the counter)

Nikki: More drugs. There's just like a... plether of drugs and medical paraphernalia.

(She picks up a packet of ointment)

Nikki: Ointment? Ointment? Probably the worse word in the English vocabulary.

(She picks up a comb with the name Ace on it)

Nikki: Ace? Ace.

(Nikki is now standing in front of an empty towel rack)

Nikki: Obviously the guy who is staying here... or was staying here... well, let's just call him Ace, because (holds up comb with "Ace" written on it) I like to give people names. So, Ace is clearly involved with drugs. Is he like a drug distributer...or is he like... you know... a drug user... is he like... what is he exactly?

(Nikki is now standing in front of a suitcase)

Nikki: So it looks like Ace still left his bag here. See if there's anything of interest in the bag. (She digs through the bag and pulls out a yellow glittery bead) Oh, a bead. Were you bedazzling, Ace? Pst. (Continues digging through the bag until she finds a Blackberry) Jackpot!

(Nikki is now holding the Blackberry)

Nikki: This could prove very useful. Although, Nikki B doesn't really know how to use these. Any text messages... or emails? Here's something interesting. (reads from Blackberry) "Retrieve the girl. The principles of the Hymn of One have failed us. Beware the Watchers because they will go to any lengths to protect her." (quick shot of the text message appears on the screen and then goes back to Nikki) I really did investigate something today, didn't I? I think I need to get out of here now.

(Nikki is now holding a bag filled with items from the room)

Nikki: So I collected some of this stuff for the lab. Just to get some clarification on some things. Let's go. (she opens the door and leaves the motel room)

(Nikki sits back down in her home)

Nikki: Huuuh. So it's been a long day. So I have some connections at the lab and I've already gotten some preliminary test results back. It seems as though the drug paraphernalia were all positive for Dextroamphetamine and Modifinil. No word yet on the DNA sample from the Ace comb. This can't be a coincidence. There's too many pieces of the puzzle that are coming together! I guess I can trust my informant -- his information really came through! I'd give you a shoutout, but... I can't reveal your identity, so thank you, secret informant. So the text message. (makes air quotes) "The girl" must be Bree! The hotel room, the drugs, the notes about Vegas... all that stuff! It must belong to the kidnapper. The hotel room was where the kidnapper was staying! So the text message must be why the kidnapper followed them to Vegas. Genius!! Now, the kidnapper is dead... and Op has been missing and hasn't been heard from in weeks. (makes a face) Maybe she's dead too. It's been quite a successful day of investigating, although we do have a few answers, we are still left with a lot of questions. Until next time, my friends, this is Nikki B (salutes), signing off.


  • Modafinil.
    Modafinil is prescribed to people who suffer from narcolepsy and other similar sleep disorders as a means to increase/maintain alertness. It is also prescribed off label to those suffering from ADD/ADHD. [1]
  • Though Nikki B. says that the drugs are from "the same company", this can't be right. The maker of the Epogen drug doesn't make any Modafinil-based drug. Perhaps she meant they come from the same distributor.
  • Nikki's Spanish line translates to: "Excuse me ma'am, I lost my key. Help me please."
  • This video coincides with news on the forum discussion that "OpAphid is no longer the official ARG of LG15 and there will be no more LG15 videos featuring OpAphid, Tachyon, or Brother."
  • As of 12:30 AM (eastern time, Friday April 13th) Tachyon's YouTube profile said the last log in was 15 hours ago, while OpAphid's YouTube was logged in 4 hours ago.
  • Text message.
    The text message in the kidnapper's Blackberry suggests that the Watchers are following Bree to protect her. This theory is supported by the video Watch This!, in which Jonas confronts the Watchers, but they don't attack him when Bree jumps in front of him. It is also supported by Gemma's warnings against the Watchers, as she is now known to be evil.
  • It is possible that the kidnapper died due to his drug use, as suggested by Alex in Proceed with Caution.