Mary Annette

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Mary Annette
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Hook Up At the Park Final Appeal
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Age Puppet
Portrayed by Unknown

Mary Annette was first mentioned in Jonas's video, Hook Up At the Park. In it, Elizabeth Avery mentions that she heard the name in connection to Bree's Elder. In the following video, Jonas says that he has been searching for any information about Mary and asks anyone who has heard of her to come forward with information.

It was noted several times that the name Mary Annette is a close homophone to the word "marionette". And in I Miss Her, it was realized that it really is being used to refer to a marionette.

In the video, it was revealed that during her stay with the Hymn of One, Bree found a marionette next to her bed one morning. It was left with a note reading "an everlasting admirer", and smelled musty. The box it had come in was labeled "Alcombe".

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