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Created by Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski
Max Maxwell Glick
Becki Becki Kregoski
Allie Allie Lauver

MaxterBexter is a variety YouTube show starring Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski. The episodes usually involve the duo on some sort of outing, many times involving food at some point. They also include Maxtoids or Bextoids, where Max and Becki dispel some sort of educational tidbit, though Becki admits that her Bextoids don't really make sense.

Both Becki and Max had roles on Lonelygirl15 playing Taylor and Spencer, respectively. Many fans even speculated a romance in the making between the characters, but the two remained mere friends.


On June 12th, Yousef Abu-Taleb made a cameo on the show with Becki as Max was unavailable. That episode is unofficially known as "YousterBexter." Yousef also appeared in the episode "Carpooling in L.A." alongside both Max and Becki.

Becki's cousins Allie and Stephanie have also appeared on the show at several points.

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