Poor Paul

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Poor Paul
Poor Paul.png
Created by Sean Michael Beyer, Geoff Hoff, Steve Mancini, Zack Bennett, and Kevin Schlanser
Paul Zack Bennett
Justin Kevin G. Schmidt
Bonnie Samantha Droke
Clyde Wes Whitworth
Mr. Ted Sean Michael Beyer
Lloyd Palmer Scott
Patricia Whitmer Thomas
Fantasy Woman Katie Malia
Beatrice Jessica Lee Rose
Production Crew
Executive Producers Sean Michael Beyer
Kevin G. Schmidt
Zack Bennett
Directors Sean Michael Beyer
Kevin G. Schmidt
Kevin Schlanser
First Assistant Director Benjamin Rotast
Writers Geoff Hoff
Steve Mancini
Kevin G. Schmidt
Sean Michael Beyer
Producers Sean Michael Beyer
Kevin G. Schmidt
Steve Mancini
Geoff Hoff
Zack Bennett
Yousef Abu-Taleb
Co-Producers Kevin Schlanser
Kent Schmidt
Geoff Hoff
Steve Mancini
Sean Michael Beyer
Editor Sean Michael Beyer
Director of Photography Joshua James
Camera Operators Kevin Schlanser
Vincent Grashaw
Zach Matchem
Bryan Baca
Key Set Production Assistant George Espinoza
Key Make Up Michael Mosher
Production Designer Sarah M. Pott
Production Coordinator Jenni Powell
Production Assistants Kiernan McCaffrey
David 'Star' Fields
Bryan Suechting
Bryan Baca
Chris Noseworthy
Anthony Lashgari
Kendall Schmidt
Joshua Berduo
R. Grace Estrada
George Espinoza
Paul Romero
Josh Beck
Logan Rapp
Marcus Wiley
Wardrobe by Kerrie Kordowski
Brendan Lee Clothing
We Believe In This Love
Imagine The Love
Kathy Schmidt

Poor Paul is a web series on KoldCast.tv created by Sean Michael Beyer, Geoff Hoff, Steve Mancini, Zack Bennett, and lonelygirl15's Kevin Schlanser. During the second season, Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jenni Powell, and Logan Rapp joined the crew and Jessica Lee Rose and Jackson Davis began making special guest appearances.

The show focuses on Paul (Zack Bennett) a community college student who comments on his life through a video blog that no one watches. His roommates, Justin (Kevin G. Schmidt) and Clyde (Nicholas Braun, Wes Whitworth) are constantly picking on him, though it's pretty clear that they do truly do like him. His father (Sean Michael Beyer) and the creepy neighbor (Palmer Scott) are going through great lengths to try and be his friend. And finally, he can't seem to make any romantic relationships work outside of his head - of course, he has no idea that Clyde's sister Bonnie (Samantha Droke) is madly in love with him.

Inappropriate, sexual, disgusting, and gut-wrenchingly funny, Poor Paul is currently in it's sophomore season and a new episode is posted every Tuesday on YouTube and KoldCast.tv.

Cast of Characters

  • Zack Bennett as Paul, an aspiring botanist with serious life issues. He is often tormented by others, and escapes into a fantasy world where he is "the man"... well, more than he is on his video blog - where he only has one viewer.
  • Kevin G. Schmidt as Justin, One of Paul's roommates who is madly in love with himself and find joy in tearing down others, especially Paul. Justin often gloats how he works for the Rand Corporation, but fails to mention that he is a receptionist.
  • Samantha Droke as Bonnie, Clyde's adopted sister who has a crush on Paul. She is very earthy and into the new-age movement - minus the drugs. She enjoys hanging around the guys' apartment and torment Justin and Clyde.
  • Wes Whitworth as Clyde, Paul's other roommate. He is an OCD neat-freak with an addiction to alcohol and pornography. He is not the brightest bulb, which ultimately gets him into trouble. He is played by Nicholas Braun in the first season.
  • Sean Michael Beyer as Mr. Ted, Paul's lonely father who has a lot more time on his hands after Paul moved out. A widower, he spends his time trying to join his son's social life and hook up with girls less than half his age.
  • Palmer Scott as Lloyd, Paul's creepy neighbor who has lived in the apartment complex for seventeen years. As such, he's taken it upon himself to "keep an eye on things" and seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Paul and co.
  • Whitmer Thomas as Patricia, Paul's overbearing and successful bro... uh, sister. She enjoys holding her successes over Paul's head, and believes in helping others, if only to make them feel guilty about it afterwords.
  • Katie Malia as The Fantasy Woman, A beautiful girl who is completely in love with Paul - but in real life she is his old babysitter from when he was little kid, who now works as a Police Officer. She is played by Floriana Lima in the first season.
  • Jessica Lee Rose as Beatrice, Bonnie's new roommate who has been dubbed "the female Clyde" by Paul and Justin. Case in point, she insists on filming herself having sex and has been seen firing a gun out of annoyance.

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