Movie Time!

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Flock Video 0036
Movie Time!

I've got a show in a couple of weeks!

Blogger Cynthia
Date Posted August 28th, 2007
Description I got bored on my day off from work, but I have exciting news!
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Music Movie by Populuxe
Cynthia Jenna Altringham
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Movie Time! is the thirty-sixth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Cynthia: So I worked bank holiday yesterday, so I've got today off, and I thought I'd make a quick blog to let you know about my secret obsession. It's not really that big, it's just that I have a habit of buying DVDs, and never watching them. So, I thought that I would spend the day going through my DVD collection and watching anything that I haven't watched yet or haven't watched in a while. So the first DVD we have is (Holds 'One Hour Photo' in front of the camera) I didn't ever watch it when it came out in the cinemas, and I only recently got the DVD because I just got into psychological thrillers. So, we'll try that one first. The next one we have is (Holds 'The Dust Factory' in front of the camera) I know it's not a horror film, but it has someone from Heroes, so to be honest that's the only reason I bought it. Thirdly, we have (Holds 'Never Play With The Dead' in front of the camera) Alessandra bought me this, I've never got round to watching it though, sorry. So um, we'll give it a chance today. Then we have an old favourite (Holds 'Interview With A Vampire' in front of the camera), and finally (Holds 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' in front of the camera) some Buffy. So now, let's put all these DVDs to the test.

(Cynthia is watching the DVDs, with a puppy climbing on and around her, she occasionally gets up to change the DVD and read the DVD case. At one film, she puts a cushion over her face. She then faces the camera, the puppy in her arms)

Cynthia: Okay so that's all the DVDs finished, now to pick the best one. (She looks at the puppy) what do you think? (The puppy licks her) Mm-hmm. Okay, we've decided the best film we've seen is Never Play With The Dead. Sorry Hayden, sorry Robin, sorry Buffy, sorry everyone else, your films just weren't good enough. Okay Alessandra, now I've got your attention, I'll tell you the real reason behind this video. My mum got a job at a coffee shop, and they asked her if she knew any performers. I've been playing the guitar for a couple of years now, so they suggested me. I've got a show in a couple of weeks, so I was really hoping that you could come along. I'll give you the address and the time in an email later, but I really hope you can come, because it'd really mean the world to me.


  • This is Cynthia's first video without the private video opening, making this her first 'public' video.
  • She is wearing white in this video, a color prominent in the Hymn Of One, leading to speculation she could be a member.

Video Comments

Liandra said:
What a cute doggy! I hope you have fun at your show :)
Cynthia said:
Thanks! And I will! :)