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First Appearance Last Appearance
Fight the Order to the Power of X Fight the Order to the Power of X
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
MySpace thechosenflock
YouTube ShepherdEcks
Portrayed by Unknown
List of ShepherdX's blogs

ShepherdX is a mysterious person who has been making videos about girls in The Flock. Two of his most recent videos explained the disappearance of the clique girls, Alondra and Chandra.


In her video New Meaning, Ananda unintentionally explains some of the origins of many aspects of ShepherdX. She explained that the Egyptian god Assur was orginally the god of Shepherds and farmers, but later became the god of reincarnation (which may relate back to how he brought Chandra "back from death" in the Season One finale). Assur's symbol was the crook and flail in the shape of an X, the same one that ShepherdX displays in this videos.


ShepherdX's agenda is currently unclear. In the video, Fight the Order to the Power of X, he says he takes trait positive girls from the Order so the elders can't use them. It is unclear whether he saves the girls, or kills them.

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