New Friend

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New Friend
Random Girl - dark.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Katharine McPhee

New Friend (popularly known as Random Girl) escorted a drunken Daniel home from Pins and Pints in the video Truth Or Dare. She then spent several hours with Jonas and Bree, for the so-called "First Annual Jonas's Texas Hold'em Invitational Championship", while they kept an eye on their poor passed out friend. Since this episode, New Friend has not been seen.

Not much is known about New Friend; we are not even told her name. We do learn that she lives with "two dumb blondes," presumably in some kind of college dorm or off-campus apartment. She also has seemingly no knowledge of The Order.

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