No More

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Episode 13/1x013
No More

Maddison, run!

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 29th, 2007
Length 4:49
Description A warning to others.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins maddisonatkins adam warpylol order d in aphid
Music "Unscathed" by Dusty Brown
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
Joel Frady Jason McRoberts
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No More is the thirteenth video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Maddison and Adam are driving in a car, the scene are cuts of driving along a state road or highway)

Adam: K, um...

Maddison: K, Kerrville!

Adam: Hey, that was mine!

Maddison: Too slow. L, limit! M, miles, N, next exit --

Adam: Hey, wait a minute, you have to shut your eyes for 30 seconds.

Maddison: Shut my eyes? No, you didn't get Kerrville.

Adam: I did too! If I hadn't have pointed it out, you wouldn't have seen it --

Maddison: O, open.

Adam: Hey, time out!

Maddison: "No time outs", your rule, remember?

Adam: Don't mess with Kexas, K.

Maddison: Whatever!

Adam: You just watch the road, eyes on the path.

Maddison: Kexas.

(It is nighttime, they are still driving)

Adam: We'd only been dating like a month, and it was kind of an accident that we started going out in the first place. One of those things where, you kiss a girl and later she starts introducing you as her boyfriend. You know?

Maddison: But still.

Adam: Nah, don't worry about it. I'm sad, but it was her decision. She's keeping Whiskey.

Maddison: Yeah. Okay, okay, are we close?

Adam: Not even.

(Still driving at night, cut to a shot of the full moon)

Maddison: I've never been this scared before.

Adam: You seem to be dealing with it pretty well.

Maddison: I guess. I wish I understood more. Why me, why now, why all this? Why pigeons?

Adam: (laughs) Yes, why pigeons? Was it an anti-animal rights group? Was it some kind of fetish? What in the world...

Maddison: Pigeon porn!

Adam: (laughs) Funny.

(Daytime again, still driving)

Adam: Ten more miles.

Maddison: Oh, good, I have to pee.

Adam: Oh, do we have to mention that?

Maddison: Mmm-hmm.

(Cut to Adam in the driver's seat, the car has stopped. Maddison is holding the camera.)

Adam: That was a long drive.

Maddison: Yeah, it was.

(Adam gets out of the car, Maddison -- still holding the camera -- gets out of the car as well, and places the camera on the roof of the car while she closes the car door. The view from the camera shows a trailer or a single-story house. The front door is open)

Maddison: Oh, I know. Do you have the keys?

Adam: (off-camera) Yes ma'am.

(Maddison closes the car door and walks off towards the right of the camera. After a few seconds, we see Adam enter from the right of the camera with a small black sports bag)

Maddison: (off-camera) Got it?

Adam: Yup. (holds hands out indicating the area) This is Uncle Joe's! (sound of car door or trunk closing)

(A man enters from the front door with his hands behind his back.)

Maddison: (still off-camera) Hey!

(The man, still standing in front of the doorway to the house, puts his right hand next to his side. He is holding a gun. Adam drops his bag and starts running back to the right of the camera)

Adam: Maddison, run!

(The man aims the gun and shoots. Someone -- possibly Maddison -- screams)

Maddison: Adam!

(The man walks toward the camera and aims towards the ground off to the right of the camera. He shoots again, twice. Maddison screams. The man walks off-camera to the right. Maddison then enters the camera's view, running on from the left of the camera and then off to the right. The man appears from the left of the camera, stops right in the center of view, aims, and shoots. He walks off to the right of the camera. We hear two more gunshots.)

(Cut to scene of the man, gun still in hand, walking back into the house)

(Cut to scene of man entering the house, and then walking out with some big black trash bags. He lays them out on the ground. The film becomes saturated with red color. The man drags Adam's body onto a trash bag and wraps him up with it)

(Cut to empty scene of house -- color of the video is still red. The trash bag with Adam's body is gone. One trash bag remains. The man appears from the right of the camera, dragging Maddison's body. From the camera angle Maddison's back can be shown with what looks like a large stain of blood on her back)

(Cut to scene of man covering up Maddison's body in the trash bag -- video is still red)

(Cut to scene where normal video color is restored. The man is covering up a body in the trash bag. Once finished, he leaves it and walks back into the house, and shuts the door)


  • Forum discussion at
  • The title of the song "Unscathed" may mean that somehow Maddison, Adam or both survived the shooting.
  • At 4:03 it seems that Maddie moves her leg. This may also may mean that Maddison, and possibly Adam, survived.
  • Fans have theorized hopefully that Maddy and Adam may have faked their own deaths in order to to escape the Order. If they were really killed, it would be unlikely that the killer would have posted the video. So they probably faked their death and posted the video. Nobody else seemed to be around, and it is highly unlikely that someone would know Maddison's password.
  • The video of Maddison and Adam's killing has been posted on her MySpace. This means that the killer has access to that account as well.
  • It is unknown whether War Pylol is the killer or not, as he was the one who posted the video that showed footage of Maddison's neighborhood, and his name appears in the tags of the video.
  • One of the tags of this video is D in APHID, which stands for destroy.