No Safety In Numbers

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Episode 52/1x052
No Safety In Numbers

You just have to have faith...

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted November 17th, 2008
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:03
Description This is the only way.
Location(s) Boston Hotel Room
YouTube Tags amateur blood cult dftf eqal extreme fun hymn illa in jonas lg15 lonelygirl15 no numbers reed resistance safety sarah
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "DFTF" by Illa J
Jonas Jackson Davis
Maggie Marnette Patterson
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No Safety In Numbers is the fifty-second blog in the LG15: The Resistance blog series.


(Jonas adjusts camera)

Jonas: Sarah and Reed left already. I didn't want to do it. Separating the group. Splitting up, I didn't want to do it. But by separating, by getting myself away from them, its just the safest thing to do. Look, I-I don't even know if I'm going to be able to get on to a plane. And time is running out. We gotta get to LA And the FBI are close. And you better believe that the security checks at Logan are going to be no joke, but thanks to Maggie your tracks have been covered up pretty well so far. I feel bad that I ever doubted her. Its hard to remember how to be normal. Especially towards new people. Especially when you just-

(Someone knocks at the door)

Jonas: Hello?

Maggie: Hey.

Jonas: Hey.

Maggie: Am I interrupting?

Jonas: No, I was just...venting.

Maggie: Hey, its okay, you can leave it on. I'm used to it.

(Maggie sits down on bed)

Jonas: You sure?

Maggie: Yeah. I'm getting used to a lot of things now, actually.

Jonas: What, you''re afraid?

(Maggie nods)

Jonas: Listen, you gotta have faith. Were not going to leave you. Its only two days, nothing is going to change in that time. I am not going anywhere that you're not going. (Holds Maggie's hand) No matter what happens, you're going to be just fine. You're going to be safe. I promise you. Okay?

(Maggie nods and looks down)

Maggie: Okay. (smiles) I'm ready to go now.

(Maggie stands up and starts to walk away. She and Jonas slowly unclasp hands.)