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Marnette Patterson
Portrays Maggie
Background information
Age Unknown

Marnette Patterson filmography

Marnette Patterson is the actress who plays Maggie in the LG15: The Resistance webseries. She was raised as an only child by her mother in Los Angeles, California.

She made her acting debut alongside Sharon Stone and William Baldwin in the film “Sliver”. She starred with Christopher Lloyd in “Camp Nowhere”, and has had four TV series including NBC’s, “Something So Right” and “Movie Stars” for the WB. She did the final season of “Charmed” and has appeared in “Nip Tuck”, “CSI” and “That 70’s Show”. Over the past two years she has starred in five films including “Remember the Daze”, “Kush”, “The Standard”, “Pope Dreams” and just released and filmed in South Africa, “Starship Troopers Marauder”. Next, Marnette will be starring opposite Teri Polo in “The Beacon”.

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