Pigeon Part II

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Episode 6/1x006
Pigeon Part II

Maddison Adam Cutting Note From Pigeon.jpg
I thought this lame stuff was over by now!

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 17th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 2:41
Description Well, even though I wanted it to be over, I had this sneaking suspicion that something else would happen. Well, I was right. Tonight I went over to Adam's to make dinner for him and his girlfriend Emily, and we had an uninvited guest.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins lonelygirl15 bree jonas danielbeast pigeon code
Music "Microphone" by Georgia's Horse
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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Pigeon Part II is the sixth video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Maddison's face is shown, then the camera swivels to a front door, presumably of Adam's house. We see Maddison's hand knock on the door. Street noise can be heard. Adam opens the door.)

Adam: Oh hi, come in.

Maddison: Hey, I brought the camera! (Walks inside)

(Adam tilts his head, grinning, and gives a small laugh. Maddison walks towards a table below a window)

Maddison: How are you feeling?

Adam: A little better.

(Maddison puts camera down on table)

Maddison: How long do you think the school is gonna let us keep this thing?

Adam: (Shrugs) No idea.

(Adam walks over to table.)

Adam: Are you rolling?

Maddison: No. (Opens fridge)

Adam: Well, Emily's just got off work, so she'll be here in a bit. Can I get you something to drink... some water, a Coke or anything?

Maddison: No, I'm ok for right now.

(Adam nods)

Maddison: You have a desk in your living room.

Adam: So?

Maddison: Let me just look around the kitchen and see if I need to go get anything from my apartment.

Adam: Hey, thanks for offering to cook for us, it's really cool of you.

Maddison: And clean up, I do not want the two of you to lift a finger tonight. Welcome to Cafe de Maddison, del (Pauses) your apartment. (Adam laughs) It's going to be so romantic. Where's your table?

Adam: Oh, we'll have to pull a nightstand from the bedroom and put a sheet on it.

Maddison: Classy.

Adam: Meh. I'm a guy. So what're we havin'?

Maddison: What do you care; you're a guy!

(Adam laughs again)

Maddison: Mexican. Uh, crap, I left the candles and the groceries out in the car. I'll get them.

Adam: No, I'll get 'em, give me your keys.

Maddison: Oh, it's unlocked.

Adam: No, it's the least I can do.

Maddison: No, you have been living out of my apartment for the last week, it's the least I could do, okay? (Opens door)

(Cuts to Maddison leaning on door, biting her nails. Both Adam and Maddison are staring at the ground on the front step.)

Adam: We need the camera.

(Music starts)

Maddison: I thought this lame stuff was over by now.

(Adam is carrying the pigeon over to the table and Maddison runs back out the door)

Maddison: Was anyone out there?!

Adam: I didn't see any cars.

(Maddison comes back inside and Adam holds the pigeon while she cuts a message and two vials off its leg. Maddison rests her head on the table and reads the message, pursing her lips. Adam starts to walk out the door with the pigeon but Maddison calls out and holds her hand up to stop him. Maddison rests her head on her hand and reads the message again before holding it up to the camera silently. A picture then flashes on screen, with the message laid out flat and the two vials on top of it. 'If you can help' appears on the screen and it all fades to black.)


If you can help