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'''Solution:''' In the video [[Miss Me?]], after months of no one mentioning The Ceremony, a brain-washed Daniel suddenly urges Bree to "do the ceremony."  In [[Me For Daniel]], Bree agrees to do so, in exchange for Daniel's release.
'''Solution:''' In the video [[Miss Me?]], after months of no one mentioning The Ceremony, a brain-washed Daniel suddenly urges Bree to "do the ceremony."  In [[Me For Daniel]], Bree agrees to do so, in exchange for Daniel's release.
==Why doesn't Lucy talk?==
'''Problem:''' In the video [[The Human Ransom]], Lucy KNOWS that she's being filmed and covers the camera with her hand, and she also chases Bree, Daniel, and Jonas up the stairs. Why did she never say anything? Any normal person would say "turn the camera off!" or "Bree get back here!!"..Why was Lucy silent?
[[Category:Behind the scenes]]
[[Category:Behind the scenes]]

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There have been a number of details that have happened in the Breeniverse that some fans view as mistakes on the part of the creators. Here is a list of them, and suggested or actual resolutions.


Problem: Bree occasionally slips into a foreign accent. Why?

Solution: In Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED!, Bree explains that she has lived abroad for a large portion of her life, both in England and New Zealand.

Bree's wardrobe on the run?

Problem: How much clothes did Bree take with her when she left her house, anyway? From On The Run through Your Decision, Bree makes over a dozen wardrobe changes, but never seems to have much luggage.


Bree has a cell phone?

Problem: In the video Looking For Daniel, we see that Bree has a working cell phone. However, given that her parents have been gone for nearly three months at this time and she has no source of income, one wonders who has been paying the bills.

Solution: Assuming Bree's parents were up-to date on their bills when they disappeared, it might not be unreasonable to have her phone still working after this amount of time. Also, they may have a pre-paid plan or some other billing method that means that Bree's phone still will function for some time long after their last bill was paid. It is also a slight possibility that Jonas has paid for Bree's phone, but not very likely despite his generosity in other areas.

Daniel the drama queen?

Problem: Could Daniel really be that dense in response to Bree's religion? He gets upset when she stands him up for a date to go to an important religious ceremony with her parents, and freaks out at the suggestion that Bree's ritual will involve walking back and forth in a straight line. What's up with that?

Solution: Perhaps Daniel wasnt just worried about the steps, but he knew that ritualistic dances were a part of weird, and somewhat dangerous religions, like the Order, for example. If they're going to make Bree perform certain steps in a straight line, then what else would they do?

Fourteen hours?

Problem: In Aleister Crowley, Daniel complains "I've been up for like, 14 hours straight." Since the video was posted at 11:37 a.m., does that means he woke up at around 10 p.m.? Whatever fourteen-hour span of time he's referring to, seeing as there are 24 hours in a day, being up fourteen hours implies ten hours left in the day for sleep, not a small amount.

Solution: Perhaps Daniel mis-spoke and meant that he had been searching for info on the Internet for fourteen hours straight. Still, if that's the case, he didn't get much info for such an investment of time. Another possibility is that the video was filmed earlier and posted after Daniel had slept for some period of time.

Precision burglary?

Problem: When Daniel breaks into the warehouse, it's clear that the place is several floors with numerous rooms on each floor, but Daniel chooses a single room seemingly at random. Entering that room, he passes up stacks of open boxes to choose a closed box, opens it and removes a single object. In such a short search, he is certain he has found the substance that Bree has been injected with?

Solution: Editing! The optimal length for a video is 2 minutes and who wants to spend 30 minutes watching Daniel open doors to empty rooms or to rooms with unimportant details. Also, the box had the same symbol as the one he found at Bree's house so it's a natural assumption that it may be the right stuff. Additionally, he hears people entering the building and flees, cutting short any further search. Upon researching the drug it makes sense with all the other information at hand about Bree that this is the likely solution. He posted it because it seemed to be the right stuff based on his research.

When is the Ceremony?

Problem: The ceremony was originally thought to be on October 12th, 2006, but the ceremony seen on that date was later revealed to be a hoax. Consider this: The date was originally noticed in the video Bree The Cookie Monster, but Bree claims she didn't know about the ceremony until three days after this video was posted, in A Change In My Life. Later, in I Lied To Daniel when this all comes out, she says that the ceremony was a set-up to lure Daniel into following Bree when "they found out that he'd been filming us." However, it doesn't make sense that the Order would view Daniel filming Bree as an issue until he was doing it secretly, which was after My Difficult Decision, at which time it is made clear that Bree is no longer speaking with Daniel. So how did Bree give Daniel a false clue as the the date of the fake ceremony?


Wherefore Gemma?

Problem: From what we know about Gemma now, it seems that her purpose in posting videos to Bree was to keep her in line and stop her from bowing out of the ceremony. However, at the time that Gemma starts posting her videos, Bree has given no indication that she is in any way intending to defy the Order. So what exactly was Gemma's purpose?

Solution: Bree may not have intended to defy the Order at the time, but she was having problems preparing for the ceremony and the Order was aware of that. She had been sneaking out of her house, violating her purity bond, and was also being followed by Daniel. Gemma started posting blogs shorty after Daniel snuck into Lucy's apartment and found pictures of himself on her computer taken during the staged ceremony. The Order was already atuned to the difficulties in adequately performing the ceremony with Bree, so they sent in Gemma. Gemma was the I in Aphid: Infiltrate.

Why fool Daniel?

Problem: The fake ceremony was set up to lure in Daniel, but why? If the Order wanted to catch Daniel, surely by now they would have had many opportunities. Likewise, they would have had many opportunities to take pictures of him. OpAphid had Daniel under surveillance for a little over a week in early December, but took no direct action against him in that time. So does someone in the Order just think Daniel's a hottie or something? "Get me more pictures of that 'Beast' boy!"

Solution: Daniel had been spying on the Order, so they perceived him as a possible threat to their plans. They took pictures of him for identification purposes and kept him under surveillance to monitor his anti-Order activities and find out how much he knew. Such a sophisticated and powerful organization can't see him as a real threat, so they were just watching to make sure they hadn't underestimated him. So far it seems they haven't.

Will there be a real ceremony?

Problem: While the ceremony we saw is supposedly fake, Bree was nonetheless receving injections, learning Enochian, etc. for a purpose, right? Yet now, all the things that Bree had been doing in preparation for the ceremony have ceased. Most fans have assumed that the Order still wants Bree for the ceremony, but after a month and a half of preparation, Bree has now gone nearly three months (since I Listened To Daniel on October 24th) without any injections, exercises or practice. Can there be a ceremony for Bree?

Solution: In the video Miss Me?, after months of no one mentioning The Ceremony, a brain-washed Daniel suddenly urges Bree to "do the ceremony." In Me For Daniel, Bree agrees to do so, in exchange for Daniel's release.