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Community Content is content created by the fans and friends of the LG15 community. They can take the form of series or videos, and sometimes even create an entire world all their own. For the history of community content, please see Community Content/History.

The series below are the most well-known in the community. For a complete listing, see Community Video Series, Community Videos and Other Community Content.

Red Territory

The Continuation of the OpAphid Storyline, which follows the story of a young woman named Rachel.
Maddison Atkins 
The life and death of a young college student from Texas named Maddison Atkins.
The Coalition 
The web series that is more than just a game, and takes interactivity to a new level.

The Lonefox Universe

The story of Ethan Fox, a young man who has dedicated his life to fighting the Order.
The story of Annie, the trait positive sister of Emma Wharton, who will go to great lengths to keep her safe.
The Facil1ty 
Follow Agent 15 as she takes you into a world of deception and betrayal in the fight against the Order.

Cassie UGC

The mysterious and captivating alternate reality game that left a lasting impression on the community.
The Story of Bree's friend Cassie, who sealed her fate after she dug to much into her friend's religion.
The Story of Cassie's sister Nessy, who joins the fight against the Order, and perhaps, her own sister.

New Girl UGC

The Homeschoolers Aggregate 
An instructional course for home-schooled students as taught by the prestigious Ms. Kelly.
The Chosen Flock 
The stories of several trait positive girls, and their quests to find what fate has in store for them.
Alyssa, Zeth and Kala try to help a trait-positive girl after her mother was killed by the order.

Satire / Parody Series

A look inside the minds of Purple Monkey and Owen, and their views on the events taking place on LG15.
What would it be like if Anne Frank had a webcam? Who would she meet? Where would she go?
The story of Bree Avery... if Bree Avery had a Valley Girl accent and a crack addiction.

And The Rest...

A Watcher from the Order who dispenses advice to Bree and her friends, at the expense of his own safety.
Daniel's friends Paul and Andrea entertain the masses by taking over Bree's duty to Prove Science Wrong.
The Home Office 
The continuation of the Dehteraew story, following Linc as he joins a new resistance movement.