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This page is dedicated to listing all the music featured in the KateModern videos. The pieces are organized in chronological order according to the blog in which they were featured. It provides links to the artists' pages and to the songs themselves whenever available.

Season 1

Vlog Song Artist
Fight and Flight Below Lisa DeBenedictis
Who would live in a room like this? I Love It Sneaky Sound System
Welcome to the roof "Manic Drums" and "Money Montage" Arlen Figgis
Sangas Thin Disguise Sneaky Sound System
Charlie's Workout You're Hot Sneaky Sound System
The Story So Far... Ethnosphere, Pictures (Tonite Only Remix) Shiva In Exile, Sneaky Sound System
A Day in the Life I Love It Sneaky Sound System
False Alarm UFO (Donnie Sloan Remix) Sneaky Sound System
Girls Are From Venus Pictures (Extended Club Remix) Sneaky Sound System
Keep Your Socks On! UFO (Donnie Sloan Remix) Sneaky Sound System
Desperately Seeking Shia Thin Disguise Sneaky Sound System
Somebody Do Something Ectomorph Arthur Yoria
Saved By LaBeouf Wreck of the Zephyr, Melody-Melody Drop Trio
Dream Lover Akasha Shiva In Exile
Pack Up Your Troubles I'll Be Here Awake Arthur Yoria
Devon Days No Ties The Days
The Days - Evil Girls Evil Girls The Days
Goodbye Devon Kate The Days
Why? Permanent Arthur Yoria
Cooking With Tariq Sevilla, Here To Stay, Gin and Nothin' Arthur Yoria, Arthur Yoria, Drop Trio
What The Hell?! Don't Do Me No Harm Beight
Abstract Heart Tango Cacafuego, Man Eats 'Taters, Sunbreak Glen Bledsoe, Glen Bledsoe, John Williams
The Big Day You're Hot Sneaky Sound System
Return of The Days Evil Girls The Days
Commitment Get What You Want? Beight
Deal with the Devil Fra Buddha Tut Glen Bledsoe
Smells like Xmas spirit True Love's Kiss Disney's 'Enchanted'
Help Me Get Charlie Don't Do Me No Harm Beight
KateModern Season One Recap Disconnected, Pictures (Tonite Only Remix), Khlas (6 - 8) Emma's Mini, Sneaky Sound System, Solace

Season 2

Vlog Song Artist
Kate's Memorial Service Grace Sister Mary And The Choirboys
(performed live by two members)
Here Aygo! I'll Be Here Awake Arthur Yoria
Who Are The FTO? Rude Boots Burning Babylon
The Road to Manchester Sevilla Arthur Yoria
WC ONE First Drop Trio
Brighton Beach UFO Sneaky Sound System
Who Killed Kate? Pictures, Circle, Touch of God Sneaky Sound System, Solace, Processor
Can You Keep a Secret? Highway 99 Emma's Mini
The Easter Party Thin Disguise, Completely Mysticism Sneaky Sound System, Dr Kuch
The Drugs Do Work Und So Weiter II Glen Bledsoe
Happy Food Pressure Tones, Nine Skank Burning Babylon
Raise The Roof Five Star Fall, Making Me Nervous (Minimal Saturation Mix), No More Five Star Fall, Brad Sucks, Norine Braun
The Hen Night The Kokoon, UFO, IDEW2LU, Juego, Frontliner Blues Erase, Sneaky Sound System, Mutandina, Norine Braun
Golf Day Out Climb the Mountain, Apartment b Norine Braun, Emma's Mini