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Lonelygirl15 Universe

Contains everything that is considered "real" within Bree's universe.

LG15 Season One
Read about the people who make up the Breeniverse.
See all those places our favorite characters have been.
The Story So Far... 
Find out on how the story is unfolding in the Breeniverse.
Follow the major events occurring in the Breeniverse.
Theories and Speculation 
Learn about the sinister plots that may be taking place in the Breeniverse.
Notable Details 
Check out the little important details you may have otherwise missed in the videos.
Read up on the romances of the series.
Read about the puzzles that have occured on the Lonelygirl15 show.
Lonelygirl15 on YouTube 
View Lonelygirl15 on YouTube.

Behind The Scenes

The cast and crew, music, and more news from lonelyworld.

Learn about the site that lonelygirl15 is hosted on.
Product Placement 
Learn about the sponsors whose products are featured in Lonelygirl15 videos.
Lonelygirl15 Soundtrack 
Learn about the music featured in the Lonelygirl15 videos.