Proving History Wrong

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LonelyJew15 Video 0004
Proving History Wrong

This is episode 436!

Blogger Anne
Date Posted July 24th, 2007
Description Peter and I took a break from Latin so I could write in my diary...but he insisted on making a video. That's the last time I let him be in charge (he's pretty funny though...)!
YouTube Tags lonelyjewfifteen lonelyjew15 lonelygirl15 danielbeast peterbeast diary attic abraham lincoln
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Director(s) Adam Daroff
Vidplay Jenni Powell
Story Jenni Powell
Editor(s) Adam Daroff
Anne Jenni Powell
Peter Daniel Weiss
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Proving History Wrong is the fourth video in the LonelyJew15 video series. It is also the fourth video of season one.


Text: we love your spoofs so we made one too...

Peter: (Wearing Anne's straw hat.) Hi guys. Welcome to another exciting edition of "Proving History Wrong". This is episode number one thousand, one hundred, and sixty-four point five. As you can see, Peter's still on the bed (Gestures towards Anne, who is sitting on the bed reading a book.) Peter! (Rolls eyes) Today we're going to learn about a guy named Abram Plimpkin. Isn't that cool?

(Cut to Anne sitting by herself in her room)

Anne: Actually, it's Abraham Lincoln. (Cut back to Peter)

Peter: Abram Plimpkin couldn't tell a lie. One time, he cut down this tree, and he felt so bad about it, he went up to pharaoh and said "Let my people go." (Cut to Anne)

Anne: Actually, that was George Washington. Sorta. And George Washington didn't have anything to do with freeing slaves. (Cut back to Peter)

Peter: Pretty Crazy Huh? (Nods)

Anne: It's Abraham Lincoln. (Cut back to Anne.) Ab-ra-ham Lin-coln. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. (Cut back to Peter)

Peter: So one time, Abram went on a date to the theater, and got shot in the back of the head. If only good 'ol Adolf could get that lucky huh? (Nods. Cut back to Anne.)

Anne: (Singing) Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. (Cut to Peter's musical montage.)

Peter: I'm a squirrel. I'm a squirrel. (Montage) I think I've got something in my eye. (Montage) If I had a gun, I would shoot Hitler in the face. (Montage. Cut to Anne shaking her head.)