Revelation 2

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Revelation 2

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Come and get it.

Blogger Cassieiswatching
Date Posted October 8th, 2006
Description frank told lies
YouTube Tags bree tells lies
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Revelation 2 is the fourth video in the Cassieiswatching Alternate Reality Game.


Shots of a painting of a clown

Cuts to shots of a lake, a man tying up his shoes then puts tackle on a needle

Cuts to wanted posters of Jesus, O.J Simpson and a priest

Shots of a candle flickering appears

Then cuts to an empty bridge

Shows the shots of the painting of a clown again

Cuts to a cable then to a compass


  • This video has a song in the background with subliminal messaging
  • The river and bridge are from Mt. Balding in Azuza, California. The bridge is called "Bridge to Nowhere". People can bungee jump from that bridge.

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