When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop

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When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop

Cassieiswatching 002.jpg
I was here too.

Blogger Cassieiswatching
Date Posted September 17th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description I SEE YOU AGAIN
YouTube Tags bree tells lies
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When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop was the second video in the Cassieiswatching Alternate Reality Game.


(Inverted images of two birds in slow motion)

Audio - reversed clip of someone saying "Come and get it"

Audio - "I was here" (woman's voice)

(Still images - Bree (from In The Park), Manson crime scene photos of Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring murdered, and a photo of the Manson LaBianca murder.)

Audio - Scream; The Beatles "Helter Skelter" at high speed, and U2's Bono saying "Charles Manson stole this from The Beatles, now we're taking it back."


  • This video was extremely controversial when it was discovered that the video contained images of two murdered bodies. The murdered bodies were from crime scene photos from the Manson family murders.
  • Following the murder imagery, The Children of Anchor Cove fan site forbid discussion of Cassieiswatching and the Creators disavowed the series saying that it was "darker" than they would like.
  • Cassieiswatching nevertheless remained popular after the video.

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