Rogue Elder

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Rogue Elder
First Appearance Last Appearance
What Happened? What Happened?
Character information
Age Unknown
Date of Death October 26th, 2007
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Jay Laisne

Videos with Rogue Elder

The rogue Elder was the mastermind behind the LaRezisto ploy to get his hands on Emma, and more specifically, her trait positive blood. According to Virgil, he was also the Elder who ordered a Shadow to kidnap Bree in Las Vegas and brainwash her.

The rogue Elder entrusted his Shadow, Claire, with the job of extracting Emma from The Whartons through an elaborate plot using the LaRezisto YouTube account. Claire used the façade of LaRezisto to trick TAAG into believing that she was the only remaining member of the Resistance, which Jonas's parents once belonged to. Jonas believed this and gave Emma to Claire. Emma was then seen preparing for the Ceremony.

According to Sonia, the Hymn of One is aware of the Elder who "disobeyed the principals of the Hymn of One." Apparently there is a "waiting list" that the Elders have set up that determines who is next in the Ceremony. The rogue Elder attempted to bypass this method and get his hands on a trait positive girl sooner.

In What Happened?, the rogue Elder revealed that his organs were about 90 years old, despite his appearance being that of a man half that age (at most). This implied that he was at least 90 years old, if not that it had been 90 years since his last Ceremony.

His base of operations was Pleasant Manor, where Jonas remembered his step-grandmother used to take him when she attended Hymn of One parties.

The rogue Elder's disregard for the principles of the Hymn of One proved to be his undoing as his Shadow, Claire, who respected the principals, shot the rogue Elder in What Happened?

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