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Rutka Christa Castle
Chane Alex Arthurs
OpAdolf PJ Scott-Blankenship
Production Crew
Director PJ Scott-Blankenship
Executive Producer PJ Scott-Blankenship
Producer PJ Scott-Blankenship, Mike Frankson
Production Assistant Bryan Rushford, Kelsea Dicks
Camera Operator PJ Scott-Blankenship, Bryan Rushford, Aimee Blankenship
Editor PJ Scott-Blankenship, Mike Frankson
Writer PJ Scott-Blankenship

RutEarth29 is a webisodic parody series of Redearth88 and a spinoff of LonelyJew15. The Story features a new character Rutka as well as several characters from the OpAdolf ARG formally from LonelyJew15.

List of Videos

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