Scene of the Crime

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Episode 185/2x030
Scene of the Crime

Oh, Rupert, you make me squeal like a schoolgirl!

Blogger Steve
Date Posted February 20th, 2008
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Length 2:08
Description Something incredible happened to me today!
Location(s) Brick Lane
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Steve
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Pete Gibbons
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Lawrence Tallis
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Steve Giles Alderson
Rupert Van Helden Ronan Summers
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Scene of the Crime is the one-hundred eighty-fifth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the thirtieth video of season two.


(Steve walks along Brick Lane toward the area of Kate's murder. He films the ground and then turns toward the wall covered in grafitti. He pans along the wall and zooms in on the Hymn of One symbol. Cut to Steve talking to the camera.)

Steve: I don't know why I'm here, really. I don't know what I'm expecting to find. So... No one seems to be getting any closer to finding out who Kate's killer is, so I-... The idea that it's Rupert Van Helden is just ridiculous. And who're they gonna accuse next, Desmond Tutu? Cliff Richard? No, there's no way. Still, it doesn't get us any closer to finding out who Kate's murderer really is, does it?

Rupert: Steven!

Steve: Rupert! (Pans the camera to show Rupert Van Helden holding a bouquet of flowers.) Wow! I-

Rupert: It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Steven.

(Shakes Steve's hand.)

Steve: Oh, uh... Likewise! I've read everything you've ever written.

Rupert: I know. Look, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've been doing to help the Hymn of One recently.

Steve: You know about that?

Rupert: Yes. Actually, I went to the Hymn of One building to look for you, but they told me I might find you here.

Steve: Y-you- You came to look for me?

Rupert: That's right.

Steve: Oh! (Laughs.) Uh, w-w-w-w-what do you want? Um, I'm sorry, it's just...

Rupert: Don't worry. I just came to reassure you that I am not going to leave England until I prove that the FTO are lying. That they're nothing more than a bunch of detractors hell-bent on destroying the Hymn of One.

Steve: That is great. That's really good news! It's, uh...

Rupert: It's my pleasure, Steven.

Steve: -so reassuring knowing you're here looking out for us.

Rupert: It's absolutely my pleasure. Look, the chaos merchants never win in the end, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Rupert: Uh, actually if you wanted to come and hang out with us this afternoon, that'd be great.

Steve: H-hang out? (Rupert nods.) Y-Yeah! Oh, um, yeah, that-that'd be great.

Rupert: Okay. Well, then, uh, why don't you come down to the Hymn of One HQ?

Steve: Okay.

Rupert: (Looks at the flowers.) Well, if you'll excuse me... (Laughs.) You didn't think they were for you, did you?

Steve: Uh... (Laughs nervously.) You d-you-you did have me, uh, wondering for a minute there.

(Rupert puts the flowers down by the wall and Steve turns away.)


This is the third time that the musician Cliff Richard has been mentioned in a KateModern video (the other two times being in the videos "The Ice Man" and "Self-Help section").