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Enter The FTO
Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Jeffrey Griffin
Patricia Neilson
Lauren P.

The FTO (acronym for "Fight the Order") is a group founded by Jeffrey to bring down the Order and avenge the deaths of his uncle, Dr. William Griffin, and cousin Dudley. They are based out of Jeffrey's bedroom and have an apparently wide member base, although this is only hinted at in videos.

Patricia became a member of the FTO after learning the truth behind Kate's disappearance and trait positive background. Rupert Van Helden had a member of the Hymn of One infiltrate the organization for him in order to learn more about them. He then stormed their headquarters and demanded that they cease their activities and apparent defamation of the Hymn. Jeffrey responded to Rupert's threat, allowing him to believe the FTO would disband.

Lauren later approached the FTO, looking for a way to bring down the Order. She and Jeffrey hatched a plan to kill Michelle Clore, her Shadow, and Terrence. In order to make Michelle concerned about Lauren, they posted a video to Bebo showing her tied up using the same chain and gag used by Terrence in Precious Blood. Terrence maintained his innocence, despite evidence to the contrary.

Lauren emailed Michelle Clore, pretending to be Terrence, stating that he would trade Lauren for Shadow drugs. She also emailed Terrence, claiming that Michelle Clore wished to give him more Shadow drugs in exchange for the safe return of Lauren. When the two parties met at their pre-determined location, Jeffrey shot at Michelle and Terrence, killing Clore.

Terrence later sought revenge by capturing Jeffrey and his friend Raymond. Both are presumed dead now, as Terrence recently claimed they were likely at the bottom of the Thames. Additionally, Patricia was found dead on Adak Island of an unknown cause.

It appears that the FTO is defunct.

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