Group Hug

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Episode 184/2x029
Group Hug

For the family album

Blogger Julia
Date Posted February 19th, 2008
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Length 2:31
Description Things have taken a MAJOR turn for the worse at JTV. I am too upset to type.
Location(s) JTV Headquarters
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Julia
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Pete Gibbons
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Neil Mossey
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Julia Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty
Lee Sam Donovan
Gavin Ralf Little
Justin Phil Whelans
Claire Claire Finbow
Kelly Kelly Brett
Meryl Meryl Iona Edwards
Darren Neil Mossey
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Group Hug is the one-hundred eighty-fourth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the twenty-ninth video of season two.


Julia: Hiya! Yes, it's me behind all these fabulous flowers. Justin's been really sweet about the whole Boobcast incident, so not only do I get to work in Kew Gardens, I'm also producer now! Yes, Justin apologized and said I was due a promotion. Now, that Rupert Van Helden thing didn't really go as expected, and Tariq's still confused about where he wants to go with things. (Gavin enters the office.) I'm kind of just gonna let him get on with it, and you know, just-

'Gavin: Hi, hi!

(Gavin waves at everyone in the office and Julia looks back at the camera astounded.)

Julia: What? (Grabs the camera.)

Gavin: Hey. (Removes his scarf.) Yeah. Big man! Mate. (Hi-fives one of the co-workers.) K-fizzle. (Points at his nose and another of the co-workers.) Hey. (Extends his hand to another of the co-workers who ignores him.)

Julia: What are you doing here?

Gavin: Ah, nice to meet you again, Julia. Ju-ju, huh? JTV's new technical manager. (Extends his hand.)

Julia: What? That was meant to be Tariq's.

Gavin: So?

Julia: So you should not have gone for it.

Gavin: Oh yeah. No, you're right, actually, that is- that is how job applications work. In fact, hold on. (Grabs the phone from Julia's desk and pretends to have a conversation.) Hello? Is that the job police? Oh! Oh great. Okay. (Hangs up the phone.) No, no, apparently I am still JTV's new technical manager.

(Gavin leaves and Julia follows him out into the hall.)

Julia: Gavin, that was Tariq's job.

Gavin: Well, yeah, but unfortunately I've got ten times more experience than he has, and I taught Baldy everything he knows about technology, so... (Shrugs.) You know. (Gavin begins to walk away and spots Lee in the kitchen.) Well, well, well! (The camera pans to show Lee stirring his tea, looking astonished.) Lee, Lee, Lee-Lee-Lee. Hello! I'm your new technical manager! (Puts out his hand for Lee to shake.)

Lee: I- I-I di-

Gavin: (Poking Lee.) I'm really looking forward to working with you again.

Lee: No. No, Gavin, you're not doing this again. No, things are different this time.

Justin: (Inaudible)! Come on team, let's group hug! (Puts his arms around Lee and Gavin.) You, too, Jules.

Gavin: Yeah, come on in.

Justin: Buddy bundle!

Gavin: Here we go!

(Julia gets pulled into the group hug and grunts as Gavin and Justin make noise.)

Gavin: Oh, buddy bundle. Hey.

Justin: Oh, it's so great having a gang of old mates working together!

Gavin: Oh yeah.

Justin: It gives me a warm feeling inside.

Gavin: Yeah, me, too.

Justin: I can see it! I can see it in your eyes! (Puts his arms around Gavin and Lee again.) Come on, Jules, let's have one for the album. Right. Anyone needs me, I'll be in my office. Team!

Gavin: Yeah.

Justin: Team!

Gavin: Thanks, Justin. (Sighs and grabs Lee's mug out of his hands.) Call me if you need any technical support. Dear. (Sips out of Lee's mug.) Hmm? I'll be happy to help. (Walks away laughing to himself.)

Julia: Oh, Lee, you all right?

Lee: (Sighs.) Can I have another cup of tea, please?


  • Just behind Julia's desk is a clear reminder that Justincredible.TV is about to launch within a mere five days.
  • Gavin's interactions with the co-workers may be based on how Ralf Little interacts with the crew in real life (K-fizzle could be a simple abbreviation for Kelly).
  • Gavin seems to be trying to flirt with Julia several times in the video, possibly trying to take advantage of the fact that she and Tariq are no longer together.